Does the abolition of staffing mean the loss of stability

In recent years, people pay more and more attention to “stability” when looking for a job. It is ok to have a low salary, but you must be stable so that you will not lose your job due to factors such as age and poor health.We often call this kind of job “iron rice bowl”, and these “iron rice bowl” jobs usually have one characteristic: organization.We are familiar with the civil servants, teachers, institutions are taking the work of preparation, as long as there is preparation security, basic will not face unemployment risk.But the system is also a double-edged sword, although the protection of the rights of workers, but also let many people have the idea of fishing in troubled waters, using the stability of the system to exploit loopholes, seriously affecting the work efficiency.To solve the malpractice that work out brings, a few professions have begun to cancel work out step by step, break iron rice bowl, see what post there is!.Doctors and nurses In the past, doctors and nurses were organized and part of health institutions.However, a lot of people reflect that many doctors and nurses are totally dawdling, not active in seeing doctors, and have a poor attitude towards patients. Anyway, there is no way to take them.Faced with this situation, many large hospitals have changed their thinking, no longer to doctors and nurses, but to adopt the employment system, high salaries to recruit competent medical staff.That would raise the cap on how much doctors and nurses can earn and make it easier to hold them accountable.If you work negatively, you get multiple complaints from patients, you can be fired.This also requires doctors and nurses not only to have technical ability, but also must have medical ethics, sense of responsibility, can not do it can only be eliminated.2. College teachers, counselors We usually say teachers, usually refers to primary and secondary school teachers, this is because the college teacher staffing has been reformed, the school is still a public institution, but the personal staffing of teacher positions is no longer increased.In other words, new college teachers and counselors are all appointed and managed in a new way.The reform of the staffing of university teachers is also a good thing.The lack of teachers’ ethics has become a concern of many people, including “inaction”.Many teachers rely on the establishment of security, go to work is clocking, to the students ignore, resulting in frequent problems.After cancelling individual to work out, have higher requirement to college teacher, counsellor, do not good that seek another gao please!3. Many units have a large number of grass-roots posts, such as clerks and communities. The work they do is generally simple and repetitive.For example, sorting out materials, registration numbers and so on, this kind of work greatly waste manpower, but also occupy the establishment of quotas, resulting in everyone want to “lazy”, not willing to do complex things.Now this kind of grassroots post has been reformed, no longer by the establishment of personnel, to the society to recruit contract workers, save the establishment.Therefore, like the clerk, auxiliary police, community and other grassroots posts, all adopt the contract system, regular assessment.This can effectively save manpower costs, give full play to the role of staff, to ensure that there are people at key posts at all times.In fact, the cancellation of the staffing does not mean the loss of stability, in fact, the above posts are still very stable, as long as you work well, there is basically no risk of being laid off.The people who are really uncomfortable are those who dawdle and pay.What do you think about that?Can say oneself view!

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