Lebron James is considered the no. 2 player of all time by the media, but controversial among fans

Every once in a while, the American sports media puts out a historical ranking of NBA stars, and Lebron James has climbed up the ranks to become the second most popular player of all time.But the rankings are highly controversial among fans, and the contrast between the two views is rare in the history of sports.In addition to the media and fans, there are also professional players who have different opinions. Here we take a look at the logic of each opinion and whether James deserves to be the second man in NBA history.James now has 4 NBA championship rings, 4 MVP awards and 4 FMVP awards, and 13 first Team selections is the most in NBA history.In addition, he is averaging well data and data accumulation, career so far is averaging 27 + 7 + 7, total score the third history, the future have a chance to become history first, total rebounds over ten thousand, total assists and approximate ten thousand mark, so a lot of people put forward to James retired, his total points, rebounds, assists, may be 40000 + 10000 + 10000.These accolades and numbers are objective enough to warrant James’ status. Throughout the league’s 75-year history, only Jordan has matched James in objective achievement, kareem abdul-Jabbar is close to a tie with James, and there is a significant gap between the achievements of other stars.So from the perspective of the media, the ranking of James as no. 2 in NBA history is objectively based, not deliberately elevated or touted.In the sports world, it is normal for an athlete to be recognized for his outstanding achievements, but in James’ case, there was a conflict between the media and fans.The controversy over Lebron James is unusual because there should not be so much opposition in the fan community.What, then, has James done to make his legions of fans so skeptical, critical, even hostile?In fact, there are two things: First, in the eyes of many fans, James created the precedent of the NBA’s top team, which not only reduced the value of the honor he achieved, but also led to the change of NBA ethos. Instead of the pattern of separate states, there is no championship without a team.Second, following the logic of the first point, the media and some of lebron’s fans are making a huge mistake in putting Lebron at no. 2 in history, even tied with Michael Jordan for No. 1.Because James built his reputation by taking shortcuts, it was easier than other stars.From these two points of logic, a large number of anti-James fans were born, and they were huge.Most of those fans, except for the irrational ones who take personal attacks, agree that James is a top star, but don’t think he’s second in history.Professional NBA players seem to be in the middle of the pack when it comes to lebron James compared to the majority of media and fans.Most of the comments are that James is in the top 5 of all time, but it’s not a sure bet that he’s no. 2. Kobe Bryant, Magic, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O ‘Neal and other superstars are all candidates for no. 2.In fact, the professional player’s perspective is more focused on the actual experience of playing on the court, rather than the comparison with empty numbers.Under this system, which player is better is determined in the field, not by voting.Such as the star of the 2000 s, kobe Bryant is stronger than is generally believed that the peak peak, James in Duncan, dirk nowitzki, yao Ming, parker and others evaluation logic, there is no 4 is more than one MVP, MVP but kobe Bryant in the game, can bring them more pressure, so they all admit that kobe is the best player of the era.It is precisely this logic and perspective, different from that of media and fans, that makes the evaluation of NBA professional players break through the so-called system of accumulation of career honors. Therefore, there is no question whether James took a shortcut or whether the honor is high or not. In this way, the evaluation of on-the-spot performance may be closer to the real level of players.

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