Snow storm coming!Provincial Party secretary thematic deployment!

On the morning of January 25, Zheng Zhajie, secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, went to the provincial Emergency Management Department to understand the scheduling, prevention and response to the disaster caused by low-temperature rain, snow and freezing, and chaired a special meeting to analyze and analyze the recent weather situation, and study and deployment of emergency preparedness and prevention measures.He stressed that to carry out general secretary xi about disaster prevention disaster reduction and relief work important, earnestly implement the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decision deployment, insist on people first, life is the highest, to protect the livelihood of the people protect security, maintaining stability, ensure the life and property security, ensure the normal production and living order, to ensure the overall interests of society harmony and stability.Deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee and Governor Wang Qingxian, provincial leaders Liu Hui, Wang Yiguang and Li Jianzhong attended the meeting.Zheng Zhajie pointed out in the speech, from the forecast research and judgment, the continuous rain and snow weather will last a long time, a wide range of influence, the process of snow, the temperature drop is large, the normal social production and life order may have a negative impact.To monitoring and early warning in place, resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought, fluky psychology, rather than ten nine empty, never lost one thousand, strictly follow the system for 24 hours on duty and leadership shift, and to strengthen the analysis and consultation with the evaluation, information release, public opinion guidance, the feeling of snow disaster and emergency information immediately report, conceal omission of falsely report must not be allowed.We must make emergency preparations in place, prepare plans, personnel and materials, strengthen the deployment of emergency rescue teams, and ensure that they are available, transferred quickly and used at critical moments.To key in place to prevent, completes the inclement weather, road traffic safety management, patrolling control, medical rescue and passenger service, etc., to ensure Spring Festival transportation safety and unimpeded, urged to guide construction, tourist attractions, industrial and mining business enterprise to carry out the preventive measures, such as strengthen the hospitals, nursing homes, shopping malls, and urban and rural old houses hidden perils in safety,We will strengthen power supply, communications, water supply, heating, energy security and emergency recovery, and make every effort to ensure that outdoor frontline epidemic prevention workers carry out their work.We need to ensure people’s wellbeing. We need to make proper arrangements for the daily lives of elderly people, low-income groups, people entitled to the “five guarantees of family life” and entitled groups. We need to ensure the market supply and transportation of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other agricultural and sideline products.Zheng zhajie stressed that disaster prevention, mitigation and relief work, the key to the implementation of the responsibility to the grass-roots, people and things.Party committees and governments at all levels should firmly shoulder the responsibility of territorial management, with the chief responsible officers taking charge of it personally and the other responsible officers taking charge of it in detail to ensure that all work is carried out in detail.Once a sudden disaster occurs, the relevant person in charge should rush to the scene at the first time, forward command.Provincial emergency management departments should play a leading role, strengthen unified dispatch and command, plan and coordinate relevant departments to perform their respective duties and responsibilities, and coordinate operations and joint dispatch.Emergency rescue teams at all levels and of all types should be on standby at all times to respond immediately to dangerous situations and provide scientific rescue services to ensure that people enjoy a warm winter and a safe holiday.Anhui meteorological latest forecast: it is expected to continue the rain and snow weather in our province 29 days ago, including 27-29 days of heavy snow, along the Huai river to the middle of the South of the Yangtze River (Bengbu, Fuyang, Huainan, Chuzhou, Lu ‘an, Hefei, Ma ‘anshan, Wuhu, Xuancheng, Tongling, Chizhou, Anqing) there is heavy snow, some areas of snow, local big snow.Forecast of maximum snow depth in Anhui province from 26th to 29th.From 30th to 31st, the snowfall will weaken and reach jiangnan.Maximum snow depth: along the Huai River to the middle of the South of the Yangtze River can reach 10 ~ 20 cm, local 20 ~ 30 cm, including the dabie mountain area with the deepest snow, 15 ~ 25 cm, local 25 ~ 35 cm.Daily rain and snow forecast in Anhui province from January 25 to 31.Source: Anhui Daily, Anhui Meteorological Observatory

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