Wang Xi in the city of air pollution control comprehensive command and control center investigation and inspection

Wang xi in the center of the city air pollution prevention and control of integrated command scheduling research check stresses compaction compaction when the parties responsibility Precise science anti-pollution efforts to promote the city’s air quality in a steady positive in accordance with the law on 8 February morning, party secretary wang xi to comprehensive command and dispatch center, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, atmospheric pollution prevention and control work to do research.He stressed the need to follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on ecological Civilization, fully implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, tighten responsibilities of all parties, take a precise, scientific and law-based approach to pollution control, and strive for a sustained and stable improvement in the city’s air quality.In the municipal Comprehensive Command and Dispatch Center for Air Pollution Prevention and Control, Wang Xi listened carefully to the operation of the command and dispatch platform and the recent air quality analysis and judgment, checked the air quality monitoring data of relevant points in real time, and jointly studied pollution control measures with the leaders of relevant departments and expert teams.Wang xi pointed out that in the past year, through the joint efforts of the whole city, the prevention and control of air pollution has achieved obvious results. The average concentration of PM2.5 is 34 micrograms per cubic meter, and the air quality has reached the second-class national standard.The prevention and control of air pollution got off to a good start this year.The achievements deserve recognition, and we must not relax our efforts. The trumpet has sounded for a decisive victory in the battle of pollution prevention and control in 2022. We need to strengthen our sense of responsibility and urgency, with greater determination, strength and higher standards, continue to improve the air quality of the city, and improve people’s ecological and environmental well-being.Wang xi stressed the need to adhere to targeted pollution control, improve the monitoring, analysis and disposal mechanism, always pay attention to index changes, identify the crux of the problem, formulate targeted and effective measures, precise implementation of differentiated control, to prevent simplification and eliminate “one size fits all”.It is necessary to strengthen daily control and implement detailed control measures to achieve 0.1 microgram 0.1 microgram and treat day by day.We need to focus on key areas and industries in our work, and make a coordinated effort to carry out in-depth control of industrial enterprises, comprehensive control of dust, prohibition of burning and releasing, control of mobile non-point sources, and control of loose coal, so as to minimize the discharge of pollutants.Wang xi stressed the need to strengthen organizational leadership to ensure the implementation of all work.Municipal leaders in charge should command and dispatch scientifically from the front, and the Municipal Ecological environment Bureau and the Municipal Atmospheric Office should play a leading and overall role, further improve the command and dispatch mechanism, strengthen platform construction, and form a working situation in which orders are smoothly issued, quickly and effectively handled, and the upper and lower levels are coordinated.County and district governments should shoulder the responsibility of territorially assigned areas, and party and government officials in charge should take charge of the matter themselves. Community-level forces should be fully mobilized to solve the “last mile” problem and build strong synergy in our work.To always maintain a strong fighting spirit and a good state of mind, facing difficulties, running to the problem, staring at the target, with hard index for air quality index.We will strengthen law enforcement and oversight, crack down on illegal activities such as illegal discharge of pollutants, illegal discharge of pollutants, and excessive discharge of pollutants, and maintain high pressure in cracking down on environmental crimes.It is necessary to strengthen supervision and inspection, and seriously hold accountable those who fail to fulfill their duties and those who fail to fulfill their duties, so as to ensure new achievements in the prevention and control of air pollution in The city.City leaders Chen Yuguo, Gao Xiangyang, the city ecological environment bureau, the city environmental emergency and heavy pollution weather warning center is mainly responsible for comrade to participate in the investigation and inspection activities.Source: Qinhuangdao Daily

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