World Preliminary preview: Can Japan complete revenge against Saudi Arabia?

Japan has been fully back on track, qualifying the game, they easily a 2-0 victory over the Chinese team, at this point, they completed the three games in a row can zero feat of sealing the opponent to win, at present there are 15 points in hand, they have just won the game, Japan can lock in a World Cup qualification in advance,And go straight to the top of the group.Saudi Arabia won their last game, but they didn’t play very well, beating Oman by just one goal. Their combined goal difference is zero in their last four games, and they have just one win, one draw and two losses, but thanks to their impressive early qualifying campaign,So Saudi Arabia’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup are high.This data is very high in Japan, if simply compare the two teams positioning, the Saudi a lot higher than that of Japan’s natural, but based on the overall performance in the two teams in qualifying, Saudi actually not too much worse than Japan, even they also beat Japan in the first cycle, and in recent years, Japan has no victory over Saudi Arabia’s experience, so it the bearing surface is not in the direction of the home,I don’t think Saudi Arabia will lose.Verdict: Saudi Arabia

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