Big leaf kind of spring tea mining, industry revitalization horn already sounded!

The spring breeze is warm, quiet a winter tea mountain in the spring breeze under the light brush to wake up, tea tree branches slowly stretched out the tender bud head, sensitive beautiful birds shuttle in the tea mountain.Spring breeze urges flowers, spring rain urges tea fat, everything is so full of spring!Pu ‘an tea culture has a long history and enjoys a reputation both at home and abroad for its ancient, early, clean and fragrant characteristics. So far, the only fossil of four-ball ancient tea seed in the world is located here, dating back to more than 1.64 million years ago. The four-ball ancient tea tree of 4800 years is also known as the “living fossil” that can be drunk.In recent years, Zheng Shan Tang Pu ‘an Red closely around the county’s “bright spot in tea” development positioning and “one county one industry” development direction to grasp the real tea industry.In the past, the tea industry was the pillar industry of poverty alleviation. On the new journey of 2022, the company will ensure the sustainable income increase of tea farmers as the development goal, promote the high-quality development of rural industry, and help rural revitalization.In the tea planting base of Zhengshan Tang Pu ‘an Hong, a series of neat rows of tea trees are lush and green, revealing tender green buds and leaves. Tea picking farmers carry their tea baskets back and forth, skillfully picking pieces of new buds and putting them into the baskets, with a happy face.In the tea production workshop of Zhengshan Tang Pu ‘an Hong, there are neat rows of machines rumbling and waving slender buds. Tea makers are dressed in uniform and busy, skillfully putting a basket of new buds into the machine, wilting and rolling.Zhengshan Tang Pu ‘an Hong series of products are made from large-leaf tea trees at an altitude of 1300-1400 meters, picked in the first spring and autumn with single bud, one bud and one leaf and one bud and two leaves. It takes 50,000-60,000 tea buds for 500g dry tea of super grade tea, which is rich in substance.Its process is made by “Jun Mei” innovative black tea process, with sweet and fragrant taste, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional black tea thick red and bitter, known as “jin Jun Mei in the big leaf” in the industry, and won the 2019 world black tea product quality awards such as gold, silver awards, favored by consumers.Zhengshan Tang Pu ‘an red product shape tight slender xiu long, embellish color jin Hao;The tea soup is golden and bright with gold rings and is durable and bubble-resistant;Pure aroma, taste strong alcohol, refreshing;Taste like ripe fruit, honey, flowers and other complex natural fragrance, changing long and quiet;The bottom of tea is bronzed, the bottom of leaves is soft, neat and complete.In zhengshan Hall Pu ‘an Hong tea tasting exhibition hall, a neat tureen is upright, the boiling water is steaming, the steady old master gently and gently holds up the porcelain, a few tea leaves stretch in the clear golden liquid, not breaking the tea soul.Ming Dynasty writer Feng Menglong once said: “Spring to the world, everything fresh.”In the beautiful spring day, “tasting fresh” is indispensable. For tea lovers, spring tea is the best “fresh” of spring. We invite you to make a cup of tea immediately and feel the “fresh” of spring.The journey to find tea in Guizhou

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