Medical staff in the village received Chinese medicine sachets donated by Wuxi for epidemic prevention

Medical staff serving the Winter Olympic Village received Chinese medicine sachets for epidemic prevention donated by Wuxi Dade Biology.”More than 100,000 Chinese herbal medicine sachets arrived in Beijing on January 28 and are now being gradually distributed to winter Olympic villages, venues and high-speed rail hubs.”Yesterday, li Qilin, chairman of dade Biology, a company located in wuxi Agricultural Expo Park, proudly showed reporters on-site photos of Winter Olympics staff wearing sachets.Most of the athletes, coaches, security staff and volunteers in the three villages will receive the sachets. Some foreign friends who received the sachets in advance praised China’s epidemic prevention and control efforts and the magic of Chinese herbal medicine.The embroidered satin-made “Jingjie Traditional Chinese Medicine Sachet”, with the Chinese character “Ping An” written on it and contrasting tassels, is small and refreshing.According to Zheng Dehua, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine from Beijing, the sachets are made of more than 20 Chinese herbs such as mulberry yellow, ganoderma lucidum and calabash with golden fingers, which are ground into powder in a certain proportion and packed within a protective radius of about 10 meters.Placing a corresponding number of sacs in the space where people gather can effectively protect respiratory mucosa and improve symptoms of anxiety, tension and insomnia, which is a beneficial supplement to epidemic prevention and control measures.2: Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, say goodbye to the past, meet a better yourself today, the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, is also the last working day of the Year of the Ox.Looking back on the past year, whether it is full of harvest or with regrets, the past is gone.The Year of the Tiger is coming, let all the past become the power to start afresh.In the future, I would like to not regret the past, do not fear tomorrow, I wish you a New Year, thriving, meet a better yourself.To learn about Wuxi, go to wuxi Forum net public number

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