The national football team’s loss to Vietnam is a low point, but it shouldn’t be a moment of despair

Chinese football has come to a new low, but all the low is to “get out”.▲ On February 1, local time, Hanoi, Vietnam, the 2022 World Cup Asian Zone qualifiers round 12, Vietnam team versus China.Figure/Beijing’s official micro blog | in wu chuan February 1 day night, the World Cup qualifier in Asia 8 rounds, 3 to 1 defeat at Chinese football after seven consecutive defeat Vietnam team, for the World Cup.The Chinese football team lost to Vietnam for the first time in its history, which made the fans heartbroken and unhappy.The most worrying thing about this game is the loss of people’s hearts and confidence. Therefore, we need not only the replay of technical mistakes and lessons, but also the reconstruction of confidence and cohesion.Coach Li xiaopeng apologized to the fans after the game, explaining that the two defensive positions were too close to each other in attack and too far away in defense, which was one of the main reasons for the loss.That’s true.But a technical reason alone is not enough to cause a complete defeat.After playing almost the best game Chinese football has to offer, we still play disheveled and let our opponents play like Japan with 33 per cent possession, which shows that there is something wrong with our players’ form and mentality.In many people’s subconscious mind, “not losing Vietnam” is the bottom line of National football team.Just did not expect, after ten years of grinding sword, Vietnam this “youth army” level and veteran, tired national football team is no equal.Li Xiaopeng admitted that there were problems with the design before the competition.Photo/Xinhua Soccer field, only look at the strength, not the mood.No matter how hard it is for us to accept the fact after the game, we can only start from the present bleak, towards a ray of light.The result of the showdown between China and Vietnam was a win each, and last night’s result tore the leaf leaf of the Chinese national football team when facing their opponents.It was a scene reminiscent of 1990, when China’s national football team was defeated by Thailand in the Asian Games and failed to reach the semi-finals.At that time, we had just come out of the frustration of “only one step to Rome” and wanted to win the Asian Games to motivate ourselves.32 years ago and 32 years later, we were all taught a lesson by southeast Asian teams.The National football team can not lose to Thailand and Vietnam, but can not lose to their own.If we think that the National football team is hopeless, the national football team does not have to work hard, that is the real defeat.Led the team to lose two games in a row, “firefighter” Li Xiaopeng showed the level of coaching needless to say, but he said in the post-match press conference, “Chinese football will rise sooner or later, but need to work hard generation after generation” is not a “nonsense”.Chinese football has come to a new low, there is no doubt about that, but all the low is to “get out”.Every football player, every person who cares about the fate of the National football team, should understand that the matter has come to this point, there is no point in scolding and complaining. What is important is to unite people, gather strength and endure hardships.First, we need to pass on a spirit of “courage through setbacks”.China’s soccer fiasco is not unique in the past.In 2013, the National football Team was defeated 5-1 by the Thai Youth Army. Although it was a warm-up match, the shock caused by it has not disappeared yet.Since then, through technical and mental adjustment, we have achieved three consecutive victories in the Group stage of the Asian Cup, advanced to the round of 12 at the buzzer, and achieved the amazing result of defeating South Korea in the preliminary round for the first time in the world.Lose not lose chi, get up and fight again, will survive in the strong stage.If we were to lie down and finish the game after losing to Thailand, how could we have a chance to bounce back in the future?Don’t forget, The Vietnamese team this “first win”, is to eat seven consecutive defeat to achieve.On the evening of February 1st, People’s Daily spoke out on sports.Second, after the final 12, we look forward to a profound summary and reflection of Chinese football, “repairing” the problems exposed in these years, and leading the progress of Chinese football in the spirit of reform.Losing to the Vietnamese team, seemingly accidental, in fact, is the inevitable result of the accumulation of a variety of problems and lesions.We are really at a loss on the road to football development.After that confused night 32 years ago, Chinese soccer players opened their wounds and took a drastic medicine: brewing a grand soccer reform around the deep-rooted evils.Through constant infusion of reform, persistence in inviting in and going out, we have a strong “97 National Football Team”, and based on this team, we finally broke out of the top 10 and entered the World Cup 11 years later. This is our “ten years of grinding sword” based on reform.Third, solid construction of reserve forces is a top priority.The hope of football lies in youth.In recent years, the construction of China’s football reserve force has always been unsatisfactory, and even the national youth team has lost its due competitiveness in Asia.This makes the National football team over the years by many 30+ veterans strong support, had to adopt naturalization policy.On the contrary, the Vietnamese national football team that beat us was based on the stunning Vietnamese youth team in the Asian Youth Games.But this is easier said than done.Gao Fengwen and Xu Genbao have taken root in the front line for many years to deliver fresh blood, which is touching, but such silent cultivators still need more.Only when the young talents of Chinese football emerge in endlessly, can we really have the hope of making a comeback.Losing to Vietnam is indeed a low point of Chinese football, but not a moment of despair.The National football team should stand up straight, cheer up, fight for themselves, fight for honor.Special correspondent | wu chuan (media) in the edit | rossie Xiao proofing | Chen Di wild goose

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