The rule of law and the Winter Olympics escort the ice and snow pageant

After more than six years of preparations, the opening ceremony and events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have gone on as scheduled.The rule of law has played an important role in preparing for the Winter Olympics.In May 2017, boCOG set up the Legal Affairs Department to provide all-round legal services and guarantee for the preparation of the Olympic Winter Games, and make contributions to presenting a wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Olympic Games to the world.”In fact, legal work runs through and accompanies the whole process of the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics from the beginning to the end, involving all aspects of the preparations.”Recently, Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee legal affairs minister Li Fuying told reporters, from publicity to market development, from staff recruitment to accommodation arrangements, from activity organization to creative achievements protection, etc., are inseparable from the escort of the rule of law.On July 31, 2015, Beijing and Zhangjiakou successfully applied for the Winter Olympics.On December 15 of the same year, BoCOG was officially registered and established in the Registration Administration bureau of public institutions organized by the Central Committee.Li Fuying introduced that the special legal department of BoCOG was formally established in early May 2017, including the General Office, the Legal review office and the rights and interests Protection Office.On the whole, the composition of legal team is characterized by diversified sources, specialized knowledge and younger age.The team members include selected cadres from government agencies and public institutions, campus and social recruiters, interns from political and legal colleges and excellent lawyers from contracted law firms.More than 95% of the team members have at least a master’s degree in law, more than half of them have the status of public lawyers or social lawyers, and most of them can use English as their working language to carry out work.More than half of the post-90s staff, they are youthful, energetic, work with passion, vitality.Since September last year, half of the legal affairs department has been working in various venues, while the other half has been working in the headquarters of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.The Legal Affairs Department is one of the early departments set up by boCOG.Li fuying told reporters that this is to provide legal guarantee for the smooth preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.As the most influential comprehensive sports event in the world, the Olympic Games has formed a set of strict operating rules in its development process, which must be accepted by all countries intending to host the games.Legally speaking, the whole process from the opening of the ioc hosting power, the application of the intended city, the approval of the host city qualification to the host city’s preparation for the Olympic Games is a process of signing and fulfilling the contract.”All the preparations we have done are fulfilling our commitments under the bid and the host City Contract,” li said.At the same time, boCOG, as the specific organizing unit for hosting Olympic events, should also operate and manage in accordance with the law. For example, every expenditure of BOCOG should be based on the contract.In other words, the daily operation of the Winter Olympics organizing Committee is also inseparable from the support and guarantee of legal affairs.”The emblem is the most important identification mark and visual image of the Olympic Games, and it is widely used in the scene.In practice, it often goes through several important links such as collection, review, deepening design and release, and each link involves legal work.Li Fuying introduced that the design of evaluation rules and evaluation procedures, the designer and the deepening of the team’s AGREEMENT on INTELLECTUAL property rights, the extent of the domestic and foreign after the release of what kind of intellectual property protection scheme, are the scope of legal work.The successful holding of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games provides reference for legal work of preparing for Beijing Winter Olympic Games.However, more than ten years have passed, and earth-shaking changes have taken place in economy, society and other aspects. The legal work of the Winter Olympics needs to constantly adapt to the new situation and meet new challenges.With the continuous and deep integration of informatization, economy and society, personal information protection has become a problem involving the most direct and practical interests of all people, which also brings new challenges to legal work.”In response, we have formulated a number of specific personal information protection policies for various business areas of organizing the Winter Olympics, and hope to protect the personal information of all stakeholders of the Winter Olympics through the implementation of these policies and measures in accordance with the law,” Li said.At the same time, the development and application of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies have brought great convenience to people’s production and life. The Science and technology Winter Olympics has also become another highlight of this Winter Olympics.But there’s always another side to the coin.The improper use of science and technology will also facilitate the implementation of some infringement acts, bring new difficulties to the identification and prevention of infringement acts, and put forward higher requirements to safeguard the Olympic rules and the rights of the organizing committee.The State Administration for Market Regulation, the State Intellectual Property Office and the Publicity And Copyright Bureau of the CPC Central Committee issued the Special Action Plan on ipr Protection for The Olympic Symbols of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics and the Notice on Centralized Copyright Protection Action for the Winter Olympics.We will make comprehensive arrangements to prevent and crack down on infringements of Intellectual property rights related to The Olympics.”Li Fuying told reporters.”The Legal Department needs to follow up and assess the impact of COVID-19 on legal work in a timely manner. For example, uncertainties caused by COVID-19 may lead to changes or rescission of contract items and increased risk of contract performance by both parties.In addition, the Legal Affairs Department also participated in the preparation of the epidemic prevention Manual, contributing its legal wisdom and strength in clarifying the legal basis and boundaries of epidemic prevention measures, as well as the legal consequences of violating epidemic prevention measures.”Li Fuying said.During speed up the pace of work, before the game, the ministry of work is relatively stable, predictable, basically according to the rhythm of the event organizing, to “winter Olympics organising work extends to where, where legal services work to follow up” for the idea, strive to provide winter Olympics organising the work process, a full range of legal services.As we entered the countdown stage, all preparations were under a tight schedule and heavy task, so the Legal Affairs Department should work in a timely, timely and efficient manner.In addition, the legal Affairs Department has had half of its staff descend to each venue since September last year to organize, coordinate and guide each venue to complete the “clean venue” work.Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter states that, in principle, no unauthorized commercial display can take place within the security red line of any venue.In the early stage, the work of “cleaning venues” is more about setting standards, regulations and responsibilities;Pre-competition stage is the key stage for the implementation of “clean venues”.”At the end of last year, we carried out a round of inspections of the ‘clean venues’ at every competition and non-competition venue.Recently, the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee (IOC) has come to inspect all aspects of ‘clean venues’.”Li Fuying told reporters.During the race, the pace of work is faster.Events such as in intellectual property infringement, need timely research, put forward the legal advice, safeguard the Beijing games organizers and sponsors’ rights and interests, especially in the early and on the basis of the relevant law enforcement authorities have reached a cooperation memorandum, cooperate with law enforcement agencies for all kinds of tort (including illegal broadcast, steal information) crackdown, build good Olympic atmosphere.According to the requirement of “clean venue”, every day should carry out the inspection of all areas of the venue according to the regulations, and solve the problems quickly.| law journal article sources

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