Traffic signals at five junctions in Guangxi have been turned red

According to guangxi baise etc more police WeChat public message, jingxi, baise Tian Yang area, debao county, longlin county, the county, such as 5 to into the city intersection traffic signal lamp has a red light, in addition to the security and epidemic prevention, medical services, the city run, on duty, on duty for the staff, delivery and distribution, volunteers have a certain pass outside the traffic in the city,All those who do not comply with the notice, do not stay at home and drive their own vehicles will be regarded as running a red light.(Source: Traffic Police Brigade of Jingxi Public Security Bureau, Tianyang Branch of Baise Public Security Bureau, Traffic Police Brigade of Debao County Public Security Bureau, Traffic Police Brigade of Longlin Ethnic Minority Autonomous County, And Traffic Police Brigade of Napo County Public Security Bureau)

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