Officer xuan!Chinese men’s Basketball Asian Cup group out, Du Feng is bound to be the first group

The fiba officials announced the 2022 Asian cup group draw ceremony, the Chinese men’s basketball team in group B, London rivals, Chinese Taipei, South Korea and bahrain, other groups, group A: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Indonesia, Australia, group C: Iran, Syria, Japan, kazakhstan, group D:India, Lebanon, the Philippines, New Zealand.The 2022 Asian Cup will be held from July 12 to 24 in Jakarta, Indonesia.The group is according to the lottery, randomness, the Chinese men’s basketball team is good luck, eschewing the two teams in Australia and New Zealand, China men’s basketball team is the strongest team, group B Chinese Taipei team strength is very weak, and bahrain last in Asia, only South Korea’s strength is stronger, Du Feng is expected to lead the Chinese men’s basketball team first.Qualification is not the goal of Chinese men’s basketball team, our goal is top three, or even the championship!As the highest level competition in Asia, Chinese Basketball Association attaches great importance to it and will send the strongest team to the competition. I hope there will be no injuries at that time, especially zhou Qi, Guo Ailun and other key players to keep healthy.The strength of the Asian teams over the years are falling, in order to improve the competitiveness, the fiba will be assigned to the Asian cup in New Zealand and Australia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Iran, South Korea, this is the strength of the six teams in the first leg, the other team strength is very weak, hope to strive for MEDALS, the Chinese men’s basketball team wants to beat some difficulties in Australia and New Zealand,But a third is possible.

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