Raking raking “Wang Mang ditch” true identity

Liu Xiu carried out a war for more than ten years in order to recover the Han Dynasty and unify the country.Especially in Hebei, there are many legendary stories which are still talked about even after two thousand years.For example, hutuo Ice crossing, Wangmang Ditch and so on.If because the climate changes suddenly, so that Hutuo River ice, “heaven help” Liu Xiu hutuo River, escaped a robbery, people believe it;Then Liu Xiu fought wang Mang and made him show his true form and escape, leaving a ditch for Wang Mang, which would not be convincing anyway.And today, “Wang Mang ditch” is still gaocheng territory of a water gurgling river ditch, but now the name was homophonic changed to “Wang Yang ditch” name.What is the origin of “Wangmang Ditch” objectively?(1) The legendary color of “Wang Mang Gou” reflects the orthodox thought of Confucianism.Wang Mang in the name of “Wang Mang Ditch” is the late Western Han Dynasty, usurped power by li Dao-Ju trick Wang Mang.Under the expedition of heroes in the world, “Emperor dream” dream broken Kunyang (now henan Province Pingdingshan Ye County old city).In the famous battle of Kunyang in history, Wang Mang’s invincible army of one million was defeated by Liu Xiu, a general under emperor Gengshi.Wang Mang’s elaborate “New Dynasty” building collapsed from then on.As a matter of fact, Wang Mang had never personally led his army to engage liu Xiu, so the “Wang Mang Ditch” had nothing to do with Wang Mang.But people hated Wang Mang, and it was reasonable to regard him as the chief culprit of the chaos of the world. It was because of Wang Mang’s usurpation that the chaos of the world fell apart.Soon after Liu Xiu went to Hebei on a diplomatic mission, Wang Mang’s head was cut off and presented to Emperor Gengshi and he moved to Chang ‘an, the capital of the emperor.Liu Xiu’s archrival in Hebei was Wang Lang, who proclaimed himself emperor in Handan. It was Liu Xiu’s declaration of war against Wang Lang that really opened the prelude to the war of “establishing the Eastern Han Dynasty and unifying the whole country”.Then came the folk story of “Wang Mang chasing Liu Xiu” and the legend of “Wang Mang Ditch”.In fact, the “Wang Mang” in these legends should be Wang Lang.From the perspective of maintaining the orthodox Confucian traditional ideology, after all, Wang Mang ascended the throne of “emperor” and commanded the whole country. Although Wang Lang was emperor, he was only a regional warlord at best. Compared with the disasters caused to the Han Dynasty, Wang Mang was more destructive, more evil and more hateful.Therefore, in order to remember and condemn the evil of Wang Mang, people would rather misrepresent the river ditch with legendary color and called it “Wang Mang Ditch”.”Ditch” is a common name in spoken English, but also contains contempt, what’s more, “ditch” and “dog” homonym.In folklore, follwed fiction into nasty “python”, rather than worms are dragon, but “toad trying to swallow a swan” wishful thinking usurp throne as emperor, to later dream, the so called “follwed groove” and not “follwed river” or “follwed canal” is endowed with strong legend, and popular,It is full of contempt and merciless mockery of the deviant.

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