The woman works in the hospital unexpectedly to help the family forge nucleic acid proof to ride a car, 4 people are detained by administration entirely!

On the afternoon of February 3rd, three passengers took a bus to Baoding Station with nucleic acid test reports issued on February 4th.The staff immediately informed the police of the situation.In the face of questioning, the three remained evasive.After work, the three admitted that they knew the nucleic acid test report needed by bus, but they did not like the trouble, so they asked zhai, a family member working in the hospital, to forge the nucleic acid test report.At present, Zhai was given administrative detention for 10 days by shijiazhuang Railway Public Security department in accordance with the law because of forged documents;Zhai, Xing and Xing were punished by administrative detention for 5 days respectively for using forged documents.(Chinese Police Online)

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