Tian Ruining skates 500 meters at speed. The story of the xinjiang girl deserves to be seen

Jackson of the United States skated 37.04 seconds to win the women’s 500m speed skating race at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on The night of February 13, Beijing time. China’s Jin Jingzhu and Tian Ruining placed 12th and 14th respectively.It is the second time for Tian Rening, 25, to participate in the Winter Olympics. The story of the xinjiang girl deserves our attention.Tian Ruining is in the race.Tian Grew up in Karamay, Xinjiang province, the son of oil workers.Like many parents who take up sports to keep their children fit, Tian’s parents took her running at an early age.In 2005, when Tian Ruining was 8 years old, roller skating was popular in Karamay city. Her aunt knew she loved sports and gave her a pair of beautiful roller skates.This little gift changed her life.”She put it on and walked, and in a few days she was skating around the house.””Tian’s father, Tian Feng, recalled.Her mother, Li Liping, also remembers the memory of more than ten years ago. “It was the most meaningful gift she received. Even when she went home, she would not take it off.Li Liping enrolled her daughter in a roller-skating class, which has similar skills to speed skating.In January 2006, Tian got into ice skating for the first time, putting on a skate blade and flying – “At that moment, I felt like a bird, I could fly freely, it was great.”Tian Ruining said, every child has a dream to fly, only practiced more than 10 days tian Ruining held in the city’s speed skating competition, won the under-10 group champion, and was selected to the Karamay city speed skating team.Before the Winter Olympic Games, xinjiang Daily reporter came to Tian Ruining’s home “home visit”, Li Liping showed Tian Ruining’s dozens of MEDALS since childhood, “it is too hard to practice speed skating, many teammates who were better than her at that time, did not survive, but she has persevered until now.”For hardship, Tian Ruining is not self-deprecating, “I have never missed a training.”Before entering xinjiang speed skating team, Tian Ruining was an excellent student in all aspects.In her class, her academic performance remained in the top five;At school, she is an example of all-round moral, intellectual and physical development.When The Xinjiang speed skating team invited Tian, his parents were firmly against it. “No one in our family practices sports, and no one around us has ever heard of anyone who can join the national team, so we were worried that sports training would delay our son’s college entrance examination.”According to Xinjiang Daily, tian’s mother supports her skating practice, but she also has three rules: she can only go to training after reciting lessons and finishing her homework every day.Still in primary school, Tian finishes all his lessons early every day and rides his bicycle to the sports school a few kilometers away for training.In 2010, Tian Ruining won the champion of all the women’s group C events at the 12th Games of The Autonomous Region.Tong Lixin, director of the sports Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and deputy director of the sports bureau of the Autonomous Region at the time, is very optimistic about Tian Ruining: “She is an excellent athlete, who has the unyielding and tenacious strength.”Tong Lixin called Tian’s parents twice to do ideological work, but failed to change their minds. He asked Meng Meng, a professor of Harbin Institute of Physical Education who went to Karamay to participate in the activity, and related officials of the Winter Management Center of the General Administration of China and the sports bureau of the autonomous Region, to talk to Tian’s parents.In 2010, Tian Rening joined the Xinjiang Speed skating team and became a member of xinjiang Sports Vocational And Technical Institute.Although training in Urumqi is the main job, but she still did not give up books — English is a must to learn, she will also listen to the basic cultural classes.In terms of physical education, Tian also has his favorite books — Sports Anatomy and Sports Psychology, which are compulsory courses in Xinjiang Sports Vocational and Technical College. The knowledge in the books is also of great help to Tian’s training and competition.Every step of Tian Ruining’s growth has caught up with a good opportunity, and she also grasped the opportunity with hard work and efforts.In 2005, when she fell in love with roller skating, Klamayi popularized speed skating and roller skating.When she was selected for Xinjiang in 2010, National coach Lee Jae-sik was hired as the team’s head coach.Her performance rose in 2011 when Xinjiang won the bid for the National Winter Games.After she joined the national team in 2016, preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics were in full gear.This is Tian’s second Winter Olympics — she finished 20th in the 500m and 21st in the 1,000m four years ago in Pyeongchang.In the Beijing Winter Olympics, Tian’s performance improved greatly. In Calgary, Canada, the last World Cup race before the Winter Olympics, Tian clocked 37.163 seconds to finish sixth.Further back, fifth place in Poland in 38.097;He was seventh in 37.035 in Salt Lake City.In addition to the competition, Tian believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime historic opportunity for ice and snow athletes, which embodies everyone’s dream of becoming a sports power.”As an athlete, I feel that I should not only fight hard in competitive competitions and win glory for the country, but also show China’s cultural soft power in various occasions, carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, and let the world understand China more comprehensively and deeply.”Source: Thepaper.cn

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