I can choose which cities and colleges to study in Ukraine

Ukraine is the former Soviet Union’s second plus ally, culture and education, science and technology, culture and art, industrial production center.The population of Ukraine is 50 million, and there are 1037 high schools. Among them, Kiev University is one of the top ten universities in Europe and the top 50 in the world. In addition, there are also kharkov National University University, Dnipropetrovsk University, Tchaikovsky Music School, Kiev Medical Academy and other world-renowned schools.Ukraine is a truly powerful country in science and technology, accounting for one quarter of the former Soviet Union’s scientific energy and 40 percent of its useful inventions and patents.Due to the time, Ukraine is divided into two language expression areas in China. The central and western regions are Ukrainian language areas, and the eastern regions are German language areas.Therefore, there are a few linguistic differences between the states in the United States in terms of training, which is reflected in subway and street signs.Because of the correlation, noon time in summer and winter in Ukraine can be said to be very different, so the study and training life is a 24-hour system, there is only a small break in the afternoon, and the 24-hour understanding and homework at 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon is close to the prelude.Today, we would like to talk about the first time we saw Ukraine, the science and technology center of the former Soviet Union and the pure natural grain depot to study in Ukraine, what suitable cities to be selected as the plan.Kiev Kiev is the Beijing capital of Ukraine, located in the middle of the country on both sides of the Dnieper River Strait.With a population of 2.65 million and a total area of 825 square kilometers, it is the national center of economy, politics and metallurgy, culture and art, science and technology, and the largest city in the country.Kiev has a long and glorious history of time, the city is the first Center of Kievan Rus of the Russian Federation, so it has the title of “mother of Ukrainian cities”.Archaeology shows that Kiev was built at the beginning of the seventh century.Kiev city several ten boulevard and thousands of street gardens and meadows, these intelligent engineering construction reflected in teh and BaiHuaCong Cain, Kiev and thus won the “garden city” reputation, Kiev city key industrial production for mechanical equipment manufacturing, metal laser cutting processing, food, light industry, such as organic chemistry,Dashboard construction, architectural decoration materials, pharmaceutical and packaging printing are also very developed.There are 1,339 public libraries, 12 theaters, 23 history museums, 45 scientific research institutes such as the Ukrainian Institute of China, and 18 universities such as Kiev Shevchenko University.Kiev culture and art folk customs for a long time, in medicine and cybernetics scientific research level created a prominent.The province is equipped with 20 colleges and universities and more than 200 scientific research institutes, nearly 300 junior middle schools, 80 accredited night schools and many technical professional vocational and technical schools.The welfare facilities in Kiev include standardized and specialized clinics, kindergartens, nursing homes and leisure and holiday camps for children, as well as more than 1,000 public libraries, nearly 300 history museums and former residences of historical celebrities.Kiev’s universities are also studded with stars:The national university of Kiev university, national university of Kiev, Ukraine, international civil aviation university of science and technology university, Ukraine national art college, national university of Tchaikovsky’s music school, national university of Ukraine medical university and the university of the Chinese nation, Kiev, Ukraine finance university national university transportation university, the university of Kiev international language, Kiev at the national university of light industry productionAnd design program university, Ukrainian Chinese National Art School, Kiev National University engineering and Construction Industrial Production Technical University, UK Wisconsin International University Ukraine campus, etc.To learn more

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