Kamen Rider Revice the first drama introduction, the first murder incident attack

The story begins with Menda’s Kamen Demons fighting mechanical bladder-blade Demons, which are also defeated by mole drills and mechanical bladder-blade Demons.He also fell in the arms of a hui.A few days ago, Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice were chasing Cheetah Outlaw Stage 2 into a forest, and the two were having a bit of fun with the flexibility of Cheetah Outlaw Stage 2. Thanks to Menda’s arrival, he delivered a powerful blow that stopped him from moving fast.Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen rider Vice also defeated him, but the seal dropped after the defeat is slightly different from the usual seal, the change-over also quickly picked up the seal and ran away.After the door field and a hui began to separate tracking, a hui after a suspension bridge also came to a strange villa.After a hui entered the villa and one of the mistress of the contact, this time the door field is also arrived, see this posture seems to be to Japanese Ling at first sight enamelled.After two people explained come meaning, the goodwife also is to call florist called the person in the home.This villa in addition to the above three people, there is a fierce bald man, suit glasses and the ancestors of Wang Jian.Here you can see that the relationship between the grumpy bald man and the man in the suit and glasses is not very good, but for a fight, they almost came to blows.After the eight lang is also officially on stage, here also specially showed his ring, after he saw a hui soliloquy is also began to doubt a hui, but in the door field after the identity, it is also apologized, here is also incidentally popular science about kamen Rider Drive.Japanese ling in aware of the danger, but also hold the door field’s hand hope to protect her, the door field is also holding her hand is willing, next to the maid see miss unable to pull out of the hands of the door field is directly pushed the door field fly.The story then takes a turn for the worse. First, the only drawbridge into the villa is destroyed, and then the signal of the mobile phone is blocked. Later, the man with eyes in suit screams and is killed.A glance at that time is call the inaugural battery for help, but suddenly, inaugural battery didn’t seriously, his side’s words really makes an idol meet, its the appointment is A brother, inaugural battery after A series of A brother’s introduction to atmosphere is very serious, took out the signature board directly, want A brother’s signature, this also is to let A brother is A little off guard.

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