Liaoning Daily | Provincial Procuratorial Organs carry out special action of martyr memorial Facilities Management and protection “Looking back”

On April 5, 2022, The second edition of Liaoning Daily published the article “Provincial Procuratorial Organs carry out the special operation of martyr memorial Facilities management and protection ‘looking back'”, the content is as follows: Provincial procuratorial organs carry out the special operation of martyr Memorial Facilities management and protection ‘Looking back’ wang Zhongxian reporter: Huangyan cypress with heroes, Qingsong send condolences.A few days ago, the prosecutor of anshan Tiedong District Procuratorate went to Anshan Martyrs Cemetery to check the maintenance and management of cao Zenghai and Zhao Fengtong martyrs’ tombs.See the scene, Cao Zenghai martyrs tomb has been according to the “should move to move, centralized management and care” principle, moved to centralized management and care point burial;Zhao Fengtong martyr’s tomb has been repaired in accordance with the maintenance requirements, looks particularly solemn and solemn.Martyrs memorial facilities are important places to remember revolutionary martyrs.In 2021, during the special public interest litigation activities for the protection of heroes’ Memorial facilities, the province registered 88 cases for the protection of heroes’ memorial facilities, negotiated 3 cases, issued 76 procuratorial suggestions before the lawsuit, and repaired and protected 59 memorial facilities.Since this year, the procuratorial organs in the province have given full play to their functions of public interest litigation, carried out a special action of “Looking back” for the management and protection of martyr memorial facilities, and urged relevant administrative departments to fulfill their duties of supervision and protection in accordance with the law.Before tomb-sweeping Day, the Lianshan District Procuratorate of Huludao City found that a monument in the area was neglected, some of the monument body and surrounding facilities were damaged, and household garbage near the monument was piled randomly.At present, lianshan District procuratorate has filed a case on this clue and actively urged relevant departments to rectify.Fushun City xinbin Manchu Autonomous County procuratorate previously on yongling town martyrs cemetery abandoned garbage, Wangqingmen martyrs cemetery was occupied by unrelated activities and other cases on file investigation, production and hair public interest litigation procuratorial suggestions, in the “look back” supervision and inspection, the police saw the martyrs cemetery has been properly maintained.It is understood that the procuratorial organs in our province will continue to protect the martyrs as an important part of the prosecutorial public interest litigation, continue to pay attention to the martyrs memorial facilities renovation work progress, promote the spirit of the martyrs.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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