Maidservant with young lady into the palace, maidservant when the imperial concubine, young lady has tragic fate

Zhou Shuhui, the daughter of the minister of Rites, was unhappy after she entered the palace. She was sad all day long. She said that once she entered the palace gate, she was as deep as the sea, had no freedom and could not meet her family again.In fact, the emperor to treat her not thin, a palace on the seal is two products zhaorong, a month there are a few days over her brand, to her palace by her bedroom.But Zhou Shuhui to the emperor although dare not cold, but also did not play up the spirit of ingratiation, a long time, the emperor naturally light to her, the palace of beautiful concubine is much, why bother to see the cold beauty of the cold face without a smile?Besides, Zhou Shuhui is not very beautiful, but comely.Zhou Shuhui did not accompany her to the palace maid Chun Ying beautiful, not as happy.Spring warbler eyebrows like early spring willow leaves, face such as peach blossom in March, ten points of beauty, and lively personality, happy like a small magpie.Since entering the palace, spring Oriole saw everything fresh. The palace was resplendent with glazed tiles of white jade railings, the palace terrace with carved columns, blue flowers and Windows decorated with gold, and diadem beads inlaid with diadem. Everything was beautiful.Lively and lovely spring warbler do not understand why the young lady does not like when the concubine empress, why do not like the palace?How wonderful it is that a woman of the emperor should be the first in the world.The spring oriole was very fond of life in the palace, but she did not dare to show too much happiness when she saw the unhappy lady.In order to make the young lady happy, she took the young lady’s white jade handle clay gold shark gauze fan to catch butterflies in the imperial garden, did not expect to catch butterflies, unexpectedly met the emperor.Spring warbler surprised, in awe of kowtowing on the ground, she that such as flowers like trembling body is very touching, the emperor could not help moving, so he smiled at her, said: “very beautiful very beautiful, good a beauty fluttering butterfly map!”That night, the emperor favored spring Warbler.Spring warbler to make the whole body solution, soft and charming, the bed between the charming, so that the emperor Italy confused, is very happy.The next day, spring Ying was awarded as a talented person, she left the young lady Zhou Shuhui, have their own palace residence.Zhou Shuhui frowning lament, spring orioles really unfortunate, also become the emperor’s concubine.But spring warbler is proud, a little sad meaning are not, Zhou Shuhui is very puzzled.A year later, spring Warbler gave birth to a son, this is the emperor’s first son, the emperor Longxin Yue, immediately entitled spring Warbler is two products of the Yuan, and her former master Zhou Shuhui on equal footing.Although the emperor was young, he was only twenty-eight years old, but he had several children, all of whom died in infancy. Only the empress and the German concubine each had a daughter.In fact, the emperor wanted to give spring Ying imperial concubine, but the imperial concubine position is full, and spring Ying’s background is too low, just a servant of the official family.Imperceptibly after ten years, spring Oriole has been in favor of the emperor, the status has been repeatedly promoted, has been promoted to the imperial concubine.The palace is younger than the spring warbler, there are also more beautiful than the spring warbler, but the emperor is like spring warbler, because she is considerate, charming and moving.Spring Ying feels like Yang Guifei in the Tang Dynasty. “There are 3,000 beautiful women in the palace, and three thousand of them are in love with her.”And the spring warbler before the master Zhou Shuhui is frustrated, from the palace is zhaorong, ten years later or Zhaorong, never promoted the title, and she was ignored by the emperor, the emperor a few years do not call Zhou Shuhui shi bedroom once.Zhou Shuhui’s palace door cold, really “jade let not jackdaw color, still with zhaoyang shadow.”After the empress died of illness, the emperor wanted to make Spring Ying queen, the queen mother, the imperial family, ministers are strongly opposed.The reason is that spring Ying was born too low, was sold into the Zhou family as a slave, even their own name do not know what, can only follow the Zhou family name Zhou.There are two concubines named Zhou in the palace, one is The Zhou Imperial concubine Chun Ying, the other is Zhou Zhaorong Shuhui.The emperor simply did not establish the queen, by the Zhou Guifei Spring Ying management harem, such as the queen.Spring Oriole thought, although the emperor and add a few sons, but his son is the eldest son, he is so favored, sooner or later his son will be prince, son when the emperor in the future, he is the empress Dowager, why contend for a quick, offended today’s queen mother?So the spring warbler is not in a hurry to force the emperor to make himself queen, the emperor poured kua spring warbler gentle sensible.However, spring Ying thought of her low birth and felt uncomfortable, she knew that she had a nickname in the palace called “maidservant noble concubine”, her birth even han Dynasty Zhao Feiyan, Wei Zifu are inferior, they are at least the princess’s slave, but he is a little servant’s slave.Spring Ying nipped her lips and thought bitterly that as long as Zhou Shuhui lived, others would never forget that they were zhou’s slaves.Since the spring yingguan liugong, Zhou Shuhui’s treatment is worse day by day.Zhou Shuhui had been neglected by the emperor is not easy, eunuchs palace girls look down on her, and after the spring warbler six palace, Zhou Shuhui’s life is more difficult, eat cold rice sour vegetables, no charcoal in winter, no ice in summer, monthly money is always hard buckled, the lowest concubine in the palace are stronger than her.However, Zhou Shuhui, a daughter of a young lady, was able to live through this hard life and lived strong all the time. Instead of dying, she studied Buddhist sutras and copied sutras every day with a calm mind, like a person from outside the world.Spring oriole want to let Zhou Shuhui die, will not let Zhou Shuhui a stranger’s life, she has a way to interfere with Zhou Shuhui’s peace.Soon after, Zhou shuhui’s father Zhou Zhilang was accused of corruption and sent to prison.Zhou Shuhui this just panic, to beg the emperor, the emperor did not see her.So helpless, Zhou Shuhui can only come to the spring warbler —— former personal maid, today’s favored imperial concubine.Spring Ying, wearing a golden phoenix crown and a gilt durian palace skirt, sat on a chair inlaid with gold and jade and saw Zhou Shuhui kneeling on the ground crying her eyes out, with an inexpressible joy in her heart.Zhou shuhui’s dresses were shabby and thin, and her hair bun had little jewelry, giving her a shabby look.Hall on the royal incense ethereal, maid eunuchs wait on both sides, spring warbird fengyan 睲 loose, slowly stand up, to the bronze mirror to arrange their temples, mirror in their elegant, charming and moving.Spring Ying smiled and said to Zhou Shuhui: “You say your father has never been corrupt, but all these years you have been in the palace, how do you know your father is not corrupt?”Zhou shuhui, shaking her thin body, said, “My father has always been honest. He wouldn’t do anything corrupt.””Everyone will say they are honest and honest. Everyone will say they are not corrupt.”The spring warbler tilted her mouth and said disdainfully, the emerald steps on her golden crown shaking slightly with her proud body.The palace maids and eunuchs around her looked at Zhou shuhui kneeling on the ground with great joy.”The empress concubine grew up in my house and should know my father’s character.”Zhou Shuhui was too anxious to speak.Spring oriole most hate others to mention her in the zhou family when the slave matter, listen to this can not help but fly into a rage, she was angry round eyes ruthlessly said: “according to my opinion, your father must be corrupt, waiting for the confiscation beheaded bar.”Zhou Shuhui understood that he said the wrong words, crawling to the foot of spring warbler, tears in her face said: “For the queen to save my father’s life, I would like to afterlife knot grass title ring phase report!”Spring Warbler liu mei picked, sinister smile, said: “Do not come to the world, this life can be reported.When you lived in the palace, people said I was your maid, but I really don’t like it.Do you understand what I mean?””The slave understood that if I asked the mother to save my father, I would kill myself.”Zhou shuhui said tearfully as she knelt on the ground.”Okay, you kneel down, I’m a little tired.””Said the spring Warbler lazily, her ruby and gold pendants gleaming in her ears.Looking at the former master to beg for their own, but also called the slave, spring ying heart proud, feeling really proud.Back to his palace, Zhou Shuhui committed suicide with three feet of white damask hanging beam.Hearing the news of Zhou Shuhui’s death, Spring Ying smiled knowingly.But Zhou’s father, Zhou Zhulang, was beheaded for corruption, and the whole zhou family was exiled to Lingnan.Spring oriole is really despise zhou Shuhui’s stupid, into the palace don’t want to how to invite favor, for power and splendor, but think palace is not good and scowling, in the end his own life.It was not by chance that Yingpudie met the emperor in spring, but by the eunuch around the emperor whom she had paid bribes. Knowing that the emperor was going to pass through this place, she waited for the emperor and pretended to be a charming butterfly.Of course the money she used to bribe the eunuch was stolen from Zhou Shuhui.As a slave, the spring Warbler never thought of young lady, only for their own sake.If you can’t get freedom, you’d better get wealth.The poorer and meaner a man is, the more he longs for wealth.Shortly after Zhou hanged himself, Spring Ying’s eldest son died of typhoid fever, and rumors in the palace said that Zhou had killed him.Spring Warbler lost his son sad, and was frightened by rumors in the palace, he got mad disease, the emperor was too sad, soon died.The throne was inherited by the emperor’s second son, whose birth mother had died early, and who had been raised by his grandmother, the queen mother.Because the emperor’s second son was young, the queen mother presided over the government.The queen mother, originally a daughter of an official family, had long disliked the spring Warbler, who was born into a slave family. She ordered the investigation of the crimes of spring Warbler.Spring warbler collusion with foreign officials framed Zhou Lang, zhou Zhaorong’s death, the queen mother flew into a rage, the spring warbler waste for the common people, into the cold palace.From then on the crazy spring Oriole lived in the cold palace, a lack of food and clothing days, two or three years later died of illness, she died still thought that he was the queen.

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