The end of the Qing Dynasty a tragic case, let a person can not help but sigh: a 15-year-old girl, how can be so vicious

As we all know, every place has its own city and county annals, which record the history of this place and some major events. Since it is compiled by the government, it has high authority and collection value.And the compilation of county records must be based on facts, so the things recorded in them are true and reliable.In jinghai County Records and Tianjin County Records, there have been many strange stories and stories in the folk.In one case, a murder committed by a 15-year-old girl during the Reign of Emperor Guangxu at the end of the Qing Dynasty, there are thought-provoking metaphors behind the heinous crime.Buddhism always says that “karma, the reincarnation of heaven”, all things have a causal relationship, just like this case happened in guangxu period, people thought it was a simple accident at first, but later found that it was linked together.In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a place called Tangguantun, a small mountain village 100 miles away from the metropolis of Tianjin, which was under the jurisdiction of Jinghai County at that time.One day in June 1880, an accident happened in the small village.In the afternoon of that day, it suddenly rained heavily in the village, with lightning flashes and thunder.A little girl was walking along the road when she got wet and ran home to take shelter from the rain.When she got home, she was struck by a bolt of lightning.The blow not only killed the little girl, but also charred half of her body.After the rain the village people found the little girl’s body, looking at this tragic way of death have been distressed.For the little girl was only fifteen, the prime of her life.As the little girl’s parents died young, there was no one at home.All the villagers helped her to be buried. When they were moving the body, suddenly a silver thing fell from her body. They picked it up and saw that it was a long life lock.This is strange, long life lock is the mascot that people are used to wear for the newborn, is the parents’ wish that he can live a long life and grow up healthily.However, this lock will be taken off by parents when they are two or three years old.This little girl is already 15 years old, why would she still wear a long life lock on her body?But the village silversmith happened to be on the spot at the time, and people gave him a long life lock to look at.But this silversmith saw after incredibly be frightened and change color: “this is not I give village head Zhao Dagui home child dozen?”When he said this, all the people present showed a look of horror, because only two or three months ago, zhao Dagui’s family had all died tragically.Zhao Dagui is an honest farmer in the village, because the family is difficult, so the age is very big ability to marry daughter-in-law, his life the greatest desire is the hope can have a child.But he has been married to his wife for many years, and every day makes him angry.May be god’s mercy on this poor couple, in Zhao Dagui 41 years old time unexpectedly came to good news, his wife is pregnant!This can give Zhao Dagui happy, every day to his wife, take good care of.Pregnant after October, let husband and wife two longing for the child was finally born in peace, but also a big fat boy weighing eight catties.The old Son Zhao Dagui was happy from ear to ear, took out all the savings in the home big place for three days.Had a son to have hope, in order to feed the child Zhao Dagui had to go to the big family home to do temporary work, although stem is dirty work, but his heart every day is flattered, thinking as long as his son can live a good life later, everything is worth.People in the village envy Zhao Dagui, saying that he is stupid people have stupid blessing.Can not think of is in the child was born not long Zhao Dagui but suddenly crazy.One evening, Zhao Dagui ran out of his home, crying and laughing. He went straight to the well at the head of the village and then plunged in. The people in the village wanted to block it but it was too late.When we work together to fish him up when he found that he had already died, frightened villagers hurriedly ran to Zhao Dagui home to explore the cause of the incident, but a door to see his wife is hanging in the house on the beam, she hanged herself.Later, the villagers searched again and found that their children were missing.Just when everyone thought they might have killed themselves because they lost their child, a man opened his cauldron and let out a scream.Everyone leaned over and gasped. The “lost” child was being cooked in a pot, and the flesh was rotten. Besides the body, there was some chicken beside it.This scene is really miserable, Zhao Dagui 3 bizarre death, among them the reason is also thought-provoking.Everyone wanted to think for a long time do not understand, because Zhao Dagui is honest there is no enemy at all, who is so cruel to treat them?After the case discusses Zhao Dagui family dies, this ghastly death method lets village person have lingering fear.Because everybody couldn’t figure out the reason, so they went to superstition.It was only after the 15-year-old girl was struck and killed by lightning that the truth of the case became clear.Since Zhao Dagui’s family is dead for so long, so why would the lock on his child be in the hands of this little girl?That only means that the long life was locked in the hands of the little girl before the three of them died.Because at that time the villagers to zhao Dagui convergence of the body, had found the long life lock on the child disappeared, if it is thrown in the pot to cook, but this is silver things can not be cooked.The only idea is that it was stolen.Now it’s obvious that this little girl stole the lock, so why did she do it?Later, after everyone’s analysis, a conclusion was drawn: in order to retaliate against Zhao Dagui, the girl not only threw his child into the pot to cook, but also took away his long life lock.This analysis is not unreasonable, because the girl usually raise some chickens and ducks, her family happened to lose a chicken that day, she was looking for everywhere in the village.Just that day Zhao Dagui home is stewing a pot of chicken, and there is a place outside the chicken feathers still stay there.The little girl may feel that Zhao Dagui stole her chicken, from shame into anger in the heart, so decided to come to the theory, but when she went to Zhao Dagui home but no one.At that time, Zhao Dagui’s wife was borrowing shoe samples from the neighbor’s house and also talked with each other a few words, which was confirmed by the neighbor.Also at this time, the little girl to Zhao Dagui’s home, looking for a circle of no one, see the pot floating out of the chicken soup fragrance, she was angry will bed baby picked up and threw into the pot, and then go.Then Zhao Dagui’s wife went to the kitchen to see if the chicken was stewed after borrowing the shoe sample back home. As a result, she lifted the lid of the pot and saw her son.She could not bear the sight of her child for a moment and hung herself.Zhao Dagui finished work back to see all this whole person collapsed, so he went crazy that scene.Because the little girl committed such a terrible act, god punished her, and the death was very sad.Of course, how these things happened and why are also the villagers guess, now there is no proof, the truth has been buried up forever.Through this event also let people know that karma may really exist, do a good person will be rewarded.

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