“We are happy in Xiamen”

It was mid-February in Xiamen and spring was melting. Ma Xiaohua, who had been working all morning, came out of the factory and stretched himself in the sunshine.Ma and his wife have been living in Xiamen for three years.Three years ago, I remembered my parents’ worried eyes, concerned instructions and the reluctant figures of my two children before I left…It’s like a movie playing back and forth in his head.On September 11, 2019, under the guidance and promotion of the human resources and social security department of the prefecture and county, Ma Xiaohua and his wife Marselimai joined Xiamen Costar Electronics Co., Ltd. to work in the assembly of mobile phone cameras, with a monthly income of about 5,000 yuan per person.Now, he and his wife are working more and more skillfully. They have been the deputy leaders of the aging team and the fifth line team respectively, and their salary has increased to 6,800 yuan.”I used to do odd jobs near the county seat, earning about 2,000 yuan a month, and my job was not stable.Thanks to the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for providing us with such a good employment opportunity. After coming to Xiamen, our life has changed a lot. Although we work hard and busy, we are very satisfied to earn money to improve our life at home.Now I have video calls with my family every day and we are very happy in Xiamen.”Ma Xiaohua said happily.Ma xiaohua lives in Fengtai Village, Suji Town. His two children now study in Kangle County Chengbei Middle School. His parents rent a house near the school to take care of their children.”After my son and daughter-in-law went to Work in Xiamen, they sent money to my family every month. Last year, when they came back home, they installed surveillance and solar lamps for the newly repaired gate, added a lot of furniture to our house and bought a car. They said that only when the family was safe, they could feel relieved to work outside.Now my daughter has gone to Xiamen to work and bought a car.”Speaking of the changes in the home after his son’s work, Chen Yingshe opened a chatterbox.Asked what she would like to say to her son most, Chen smiled and said, “I don’t have anything to say. I just want to tell them that everything is ok at home and that they can rest assured.”In Xiamen, Ma xiaohua and his wife often go to the seaside during their holidays and make videos for their family to see the sea.”My parents have worked hard all their lives and never traveled far. We want to save more money so that we can take our parents and children to Xiamen for a trip during the summer vacation, so that they can also see the outside world.”Ma said.Reporter: Ma Liya editor: Li Juan: Ma Zhitao audit: Fan Haidong

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