Yangchun: carried out water conservancy action, five irrigated areas restored irrigation area of 56,000 mu

Good farmland lives on water, but is wasted without it.Last winter and this spring, yangchun to develop water conservancy crucial action, north river reservoir, xishan vicious, xiangshui vicious, water reservoir, the reservoir five medium-sized irrigation area as the key point, desilting, miscellaneous, wrecker, qing qing violations, dredge channels, five irrigation irrigation area of 56000 mu, make the dry land back to the paddy field and abandoned land masses are busy preparing for planting.Recently, the reporter came to the Xishan Project management and protection center, saw the running xishan River water was blocked river sluice diversion, part of the river water into the irrigation canal, through this “artery”, continuous diversion to PI Face town, Hexi street, Mashui town of 26 administrative villages, irrigation area of 64,000 mu.The canal hydrolyzed the “thirst” of farmland and provided the “needs” of the masses.Can be this farmland “artery”, once many places were “blocked” live.Xishan vicious engineering management center director li Ming said that over the past 20 years, because of a shortage of funds of the management and water conservancy facilities aging, ZhuGanQu and each main canal is not thorough maintenance and desilting, channel congestion is serious, water flow into the hexi streets bordering MaShui Town channel has been basically no water, the canal water shortage phenomenon in some paddy field into the end of the dry land, and even appeared DiuHuang phenomenon.After carrying out water conservancy action, each water conservancy project management and protection unit is responsible for organizing mechanical forces to clear silt and repair the main canal, and towns (streets) along the line organize the masses to participate in the dredging, and carry out large-scale main canal, branch canal, the “four clear” work, so that the irrigation canal to restore the effective water function.As of March 15, five irrigated areas had completed the dredging and miscellaneous clearing of 114.28 kilometers of main canals, and 17 towns (streets) had completed the task of dredging and removing obstacles.At 11 o ‘clock on March 18, xishan irrigation canal resumed its water supply after the water conservancy attack, and the Xishan river flowed out along the irrigation canal. In less than 24 hours, the river water flowed to the branch canal at the junction of Sanfeng Village and Tanwu Village, Mashui Town, 32 kilometers downstream, changing the situation of less water or even no water in the past nearly 20 years.When the villagers saw the water flowing in the irrigation canal, they sighed: “It has been almost 20 years and the water has passed again.”Mashui Town is located at the end of the Xishanpi channel. Due to the lack of water for cultivation in the irrigated area, some paddy fields have become dry land, and only cassava, peanut, sweet potato and other crops can be planted. Even if rice is planted in some farmland, irrigation water is stored by rainfall, water retention and water diversion, which leads to a significant increase in the cost of cultivation.Chen Hengtao, deputy mayor of Machui Town, said that now, with the gradual connection of the Xishanpi channel, the irrigation water problem will be effectively solved, and soon there will be dry land changed into paddy fields, abandoned land busy ploughing scene.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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