Baiyin city and district level carried out drug prevention education and publicity activities for migrant workers

At the beginning of the year, in order to continuously deepen the drug prevention education for migrant workers, further improve the ability of migrant workers to detect drugs, protect against drugs and resist drugs, guide the masses to actively participate in the anti-drug struggle, and strive to create a good atmosphere of “drug control for all and safe Chinese New Year”, January 25th,Baiyin municipal and district drug control offices grasped the favorable opportunity for a large number of migrant workers to return to their hometowns, jointly with Baiyin Federation of Trade Unions and Renmin Road sub-district, carried out a concentrated publicity activity of drug prevention education for migrant workers at Baiyin East Bus Station.Event, the staff by hanging anti-drug banner, on-site interpretation, anti-drug publicity materials, and other outside the way to the station and ticket office, waiting room, people on the bus and returning migrant workers and preaching the gansu province anti-drug regulations content, detailed introduces the harm and new-type drug abuse prevention of drug abuse method, and in case interpretations warned the masses of migrant workers,During the period of work abroad, we should constantly improve the awareness of drug prevention, not credulous temptation, not to try drugs.At the same time, the staff also guided the majority of migrant workers to actively pay attention to official wechat public accounts such as “Anti-drug in China”, “Anti-drug in Gansu”, “Anti-drug in Baiyin” and “Anti-drug in Baiyin District”, so as to broaden the channels for them to understand anti-drug knowledge, and “to lead the crowd” to drive their relatives and friends to jointly resist drugs and fully participate in anti-drug.The event hung 10 anti-drug banners, distributed more than 1,000 copies of “Gansu Anti-drug Regulations” readers, three-fold, family anti-drug publicity manual, anti-drug knowledge manual for migrant workers, and presented more than 2,000 anti-drug Spring Festival couplets, “fu”, anti-drug New Year pictures, handbags, paper cups and other small promotional gifts.The activity took the station as the propaganda position, which effectively broadened the coverage of anti-drug publicity, further extended the antenna of anti-drug publicity, prevented the risk of drug involvement of migrant workers to the greatest extent, created a safe and peaceful New Year atmosphere for the masses, and achieved good social publicity effect.Baiyin District Narcotics Control Commission Office reminds you to cherish your life and stay away from drugs

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