Confucius and Confucianism

Confucius, whose real name was Qiu and courtesy name Zhongni, was a great thinker and educator in ancient China. He was the founder of The Confucian School and regarded as the holy one by later generations.At the end of the Spring and Autumn period, the sage Confucius was born in the State of Lu. Confucius was 1.97 meters tall, like a giant. At that time, people were particularly surprised because he was tall, but what Confucius really amazes later generations is his thoughts and wisdom.The Spring and Autumn Period, in which Confucius lived, was a turbulent and turbulent time. The king of the Zhou Dynasty lost his ability to command the vassals and was taken hostage by the vassals to attack other states under his banner.Vassal war between each other, social order was seriously damaged!Not only frequent war, each country is the following crime, the minister killed the king of the matter!The descendants of those sovereigns, unable to keep the country, fled to foreign countries are numerous.Faced with such a situation, Confucius fell into a meditation, how can the world restore stability?He searched through ancient books to find out how the wise rulers of the past had governed their country, and went to other countries to seek advice from those who had learned. After many years of thinking, Confucius finally found the answers in his heart, which were “rites” and “benevolence”.What is propriety?Is each person’s behavior standards, small, the younger generation to be polite to your elders, see their elders, such as his steps run for teaching in the past, in this way show respect for elders, and, li also rules, each person’s behavior has a specification, walk straight, dress is reasonable, have a meal also have etiquette, so as not to eat you rob this I dispute that,There’s a dispute.Generally speaking, a prince should be polite to the emperor and obey his orders. As the emperor, he should appoint capable and capable people to govern the country, so that the world can be stable.Thus it can be seen that the ceremony is not what terrible or distant things, in fact, the ceremony is the norms of our daily life, the so-called no rules no square, the Spring and Autumn Period, just because we do not pay attention to the ceremony, will appear vassal states into a pot of porridge phenomenon ah!Now that we know about li, let’s introduce ren.”Benevolence” means benevolence and love from the heart.Princes of heaven, elders and juniors, if everyone has the heart of humanity, the society will become very beautiful.But at that time, all the princes wanted to fight for other people’s land and expand their own power, and no one wanted to listen to Confucius’s long-winded benevolence and encouragement.Confucius failed to realize his political ideal all his life, but he was not discouraged. He was convinced that his theory, benefiting the country and the people, would one day come into play.Confucius began to teach at the age of 30. He tried his best to teach those who were willing to learn from him and spread his ideas to them.As Confucius was knowledgeable and noble, more and more people from all over the world came to him for advice. Confucius had as many as 3,000 disciples. Thus, Confucius founded the Confucian School whose mission was to publicize and practice his ideas.As Confucius had anticipated, after the spring and autumn period and the warring states period of gone with the past, his Confucian thought is the love of the generations of Kings, more has huge impact on the reader, the han dynasty sima qian, du fu in the tang dynasty, song dynasty su shi numerous big literary giant became the spokesman of the Confucianism, Confucius’s thought is how to offspring?Much of the credit goes to the Confucian classic The Analects of Confucius, which is a collection of quotations that record his words and deeds.Confucius’ disciples respected their teacher so much that they wrote down everything the teacher said, and finally compiled the Analects of Confucius.For 2,000 years, this Confucian secret book has been in use!Confucius was born in the Spring and Autumn Period.In this era, there was often turmoil within the vassal states and wars among the vassal states.Not only the chaos of war, this period of the country’s internal ministers also killed the king of the next gram.How can such turmoil end?Confucius thought about life, he thought that it was necessary to conduct rites and benevolence, rites is etiquette, etiquette, is the standard of all behavior in human life;Ren, more is a kind of humane people.Although no one accepted Confucius’ ideas at that time, he believed in himself and began to teach students at the age of 30 to pass on his ideas to the next generation.Indeed, after the Han Dynasty, Confucianism became the mainstream ideology of China, and one of the books contributed a great deal, namely the Analects of Confucius.

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