It’s a great honor!People in Shijiazhuang who participated in the Olympic torch relay talk about their feelings

At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, the torch for the Winter Olympics is lit in Beijing.The three-day torch relay will be held from February 2 to 4 in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.Among the 1,200 torchbearers participating in the relay, many are from Shijiazhuang.We caught up with some of them recently to share their stories and listen to their wishes for the ongoing Winter Olympics.”Our whole family is very proud to be selected as torchbearers,” Guo said, wishing the athletes all the best results.Half way through the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Chinese athletes have worked hard to win glory for the country.Whenever they see the figure of struggle, Guo Mohan are moved.Guo Mohan is the inheritor of the Guo iron plate reliefs of the provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage project and an art teacher at Hebei Vocational And Technical University.As an excellent representative of women in Hebei Province, she was selected as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics torchbearer by Hebei Women’s Federation.”My whole family is very proud to have been chosen to carry the Olympic torch.”Guo mohan recalled that she was shocked when she received the call and jumped to her feet.For her, being a torchbearer in the Winter Olympics means a lot.As a genetic carrier, has always been her stick to the path of Chinese excellent traditional craft iron relief art, with iron plate plastic time picture scroll, show the Chinese impregnable, tenacity, strength, at the same time she want to pass the iron sculpture art, good spirit, hebei story, let more people see China must in iron sculpture art.Guo Mohan is the daughter of Guo Haibo, the inheritor of guo’s iron plate reliefs in the provincial intangible Cultural Heritage project and the “Master of Folk Arts and Crafts” in the UNESCO International Organization of Folk Art.Since 2012, this “post-80s” female heir has officially started the creation of iron plate reliefs. With her own thinking and efforts, she has endowed this “hard art” with unique charm.He would swing the hammer tens of thousands of times a day, standing all day long, and his arms would often be sore and painful…Iron plate relief skill is not a good job for a girl, but Guo Mohan persevered with tenacity.The longer she worked with iron plate reliefs, the more she felt that it was “a real art, with no room for error.”In her works, she would often hammer and carve for weeks or months, but her work would probably be wasted because she was careless with the hammer.All the year round, she was immersed in the creation of iron plate reliefs. The noise was a torment to her ears, and the long-term hammering and vibration of iron plate also caused damage to her bones, but she still enjoyed it.Gradually, her skills became higher and higher, and her works gained more and more recognition. She was selected to national and provincial art exhibitions for many times, and even went abroad. She herself was awarded the title of “Hebei Province Folk Arts and Crafts Master”.In order to celebrate the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Guo Mohan created the work “Beyond”, and with his father Guo Haibo carefully produced the “Tiger Baby welcome winter Olympics” series of iron plate relief works. On the gray and black iron plate, wearing red tiger hat and tiger shoes, “Tiger baby” turned into a torchbearer.With excitement and apprehension, she finally arrived at the torch relay that day.Before departure, she brought the “Fuwa To Welcome the Winter Olympics” to the site, hoping to show the traditional culture and tell Chinese stories while completing the torch relay, so that more people can understand China and fall in love with China, and show the style of women in the new era of strong, independent, brave and responsible.”I barely slept the night before the torch relay. I was so excited and proud.”Guo Mohan said that although she had not slept all night, her spirits were surprisingly good and she was ready early.At 10:50 am on February 3, the Torch relay for the Zhangjiakou Olympic Games kicked off at the Nihewan National Archaeological Site Park in Yangyuan County, with Guo Mohan as the ninth torchbearer.Such as the flame to reach her position, she smoothly lit the “flying” torch, the successful completion of the torch relay.Although the distance was only about 100 meters, she felt that she had covered a thousand mountains and rivers.”The flame of the Winter Olympics was carried to China across mountains and rivers. I felt it immediately when I lifted the torch.”She returned to Shijiazhuang on Saturday after completing the torch relay.’When we got home, the whole family were focused on the torch and we all ran a few steps carefully.’Guo Mohan said with a smile.Participating in the torch relay is a life experience worth remembering for Guo.”I wish our athletes all the best and the Winter Olympics a complete success.”Holding the Olympic torch, Qi Wenzhi felt not only honor, but also responsibility.”Meet winter Olympics, we concentric toward the future.””Qi wenzhi posted on her wechat moments after participating in the Olympic Torch relay.In his mind, being selected as the torchbearer of the Winter Olympics is not only an honor, but also a responsibility.Most of the torchbearers are “extraordinary ordinary people” who have made outstanding contributions to the front lines of production and work.They are not only advanced model representatives at all levels, but also advanced representatives and celebrities from all walks of life in science, education, culture and health. Most of them have made outstanding achievements or outstanding contributions in their own systems and fields, representing a wide range of representativeness and advanced nature.Qi Wenzhi is an outstanding representative of the polling front.He is the president of zhengding County “Bang Big Brother” and “Bang Big Sister” People’s Mediator Association. Since 2007, he has mediated more than 2,500 conflicts and disputes, with a success rate of 98%. He has won honorary titles such as “National Model Mediator”, “Top Ten Legal Figures in Hebei Province” and “Good Man in Hebei Province”.On February 2, Qi Wenzhi came to zhangjiakou torchbearers gathering point, moved in according to the requirements of training, through watching network video to understand the torch relay etiquette, posture, torch lighting and handover notes, contingency plans and other content.Sunshine, blue sky, white clouds…The next morning, he and other torchbearers drove to nihewan National Archaeological Park in Yangyuan County, where he was the 50th torchbearer.”As a people’s mediator, I am very excited to participate in the torch relay of the Winter Olympics, which also gives me the motivation to continue to strive for the people’s mediation work in the future.”Qi wenzhi said he was so excited to carry the Torch that he kept thinking to himself as he ran with the torch:”To take every step at the foot, to integrate the spirit of the Winter Olympics into the people’s mediation work, the concept of serving the people and mediation skills like the torch relay, passed to every mediator in the county, really do not go out of the village, big things do not go out of the town, the contradiction and dispute resolved in the bud, benefit the people.””I still get emotional when I think about it.”Qi wenzhi said that he would take the torch relay as a new journey, a new starting point, the Olympic spirit into the polling work, stick to the post, selfless efforts.”It was an unforgettable experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life.” Shi Lixin ran slowly with the Olympic torch in his hand during the torch relay.On a normal afternoon in January 2022, Shi Lixin was busy in his office when he received a piece of good news: “Congratulations to you for being selected as a torchbearer for the Beijing Winter Olympics!””I was really excited when I heard the news. I felt very honored to be a torchbearer.”He has been waiting for this day ever since he was recommended to carry the Olympic torch.Shi Lixin is the director of hebei Provincial Key Laboratory of Meteorology and Ecological Environment. He has been engaged in scientific research and business work in Hebei Meteorological Bureau since graduating from college. His main research fields are atmospheric physics, atmospheric environment and weather modification.In 2017 and 2020, the key Laboratory was rated as provincial Outstanding Key Laboratory in the evaluation of provincial Key Laboratory of Geosciences and Engineering sciences.He has also participated in more than ten national and provincial scientific research projects, published more than 30 scientific papers, and won the first prize, third prize and fourth prize of provincial scientific and Technological Progress, and the second prize of achievement application of China Meteorological Administration Meteorological Science and Technology Award, and won the sixth “National Outstanding Young Meteorological Scientist” title.He was very proud to be selected as the 53 torchbearer of nihewan National Archaeological Site Park in Yangyuan County, Zhangjiakou, during Beijing’s Winter Olympics.”I arrived in Zhangjiakou on February 2 and arrived at the torchbearers’ gathering point.Shi Lixin told reporters that lying on the bed, he has been simulating many times in his mind: how to run, how to swing arms, how to smile, how to wave, what kind of eyes?Looking in what direction?Finally, he made a decision: must run out of the Chinese style, run out of the Spirit of the Chinese!On The morning of March 3, the torchbearers gathered to take buses to the relay site. Along the way, they exchanged notes on the torch relay and carried out practical exercises after arriving.”When the flame reached my position, I moved forward in accordance with the required action, tilted the torch 60 degrees to meet it, and the torch burst into flames.”Shi lixin recalled that during the relay, he could see the blue sky and white clouds in Zhangjiakou, which fully embodies the concept of green Hosting the Olympic Games and shows that Hebei has achieved remarkable results in ecological and environmental management.As a scientific worker and a representative of an ethnic minority, he felt very honored and proud to be the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The historical moment when the torch relay lit the Winter Olympics made him feel very excited and excited.”I have witnessed with my own eyes the brilliant achievements of the strong development of the motherland, which has strengthened my strong confidence to devote myself to the development of the motherland and continue to contribute to the development of the motherland.””Participating in the Beijing Olympic Torch relay is not only an honor of a lifetime, but also a heavy responsibility.It inspires me to carry forward the Olympic spirit and the Beijing Winter Olympics concept, to deliver peace and hope, to be a firm practitioner of national unity and progress, a firm practitioner of meteorological scientific and technological innovation, and to contribute more to the construction of my hometown in the new era and journey.”Shi lixin said.Back in Shijiazhuang, he has been paying close attention to the Winter Olympics, and the spirit of the athletes in the competition has inspired him to work harder.”It was an unforgettable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.”Shi lixin said that in the Olympic torch relay activities, there are many people in Shijiazhuang, “national outstanding Communist Party member” Yin Jiping, hebei Province zhengding County Tayuanzhuang village Party branch secretary, Zhang Xiaodan, the national intangible cultural heritage jingxing flower inheritor, Shijiazhuang No. 2 high School men’s basketball captain Li Zirui…Every torchbearer participating in the torch relay is the pride of Shijiazhuang, showing the image of Shijiazhuang.Reporter │ Li Liya

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