Ren Jialun Zhou Shengchen break dimensional frame!Even wish is very “small south Chen king” ah!

Ren Jialun Zhou Shengchen break dimensional frame!Live version of “such as” let people dream back to the same old too good to cry!Even the wish is very small King of South Chen!Help!!Big New Year’s day, really too broken!Ren jialun has been very busy this Spring Festival. First, he appeared on the Spring Festival Gala for the second time on New Year’s Eve. Then, on the second day of the Spring Festival, he sang the theme song of “Zhou Sheng Remains The same” on behalf of iQiyi.In particular, before the start of the concert, the first design of Dong Zijian and Ren Jialun meet, Dong Zijian said he just shot the fog theater propaganda film, asked Ren Jialun: “Jia Lun, how do you here?”Ren’s answer was…”I’m going west.”Ah ah ah ah ah ah, this sentence a, how many gruel common people all cry!!Our royal army is back!!And on the red carpet, Ren Jialun’s dream is also very small Nancheng King!!To look at it?”Happy New Year, wish the land, no more hundred miles of smoke; I wish the north Chen people, live and work in peace and contentment, human cooking smoke constantly, thousands of miles.”Zhou Shengchen “healthy and safe. The motherland is prosperous and prosperous, the country is peaceful and the people are safe.” Ren Jialun and Zhou Shengchen studio is also very sense, the third day of the New Year special arrangement from the “royal palace” to send a letter to the west state people?These details are calling for how many people…This is not immediately heavy brush “zhou Sheng as before” !!!!Say nothing, know everything, absolutely…Dream back to Zhou Sheng!

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