These four kinds of succulent for novice raise, do a good job of control raise can change, general goods raise a “high sense”

Many flower friends who like flowers and plants are full of interest in growing flowers and grass and want to experience the fun, but because of the lack of certain maintenance experience, they often experience the frustration of raising dead flowers and plants.In fact, the cultivation of flowers and plants can not be achieved overnight, watching can learn that is impossible.Juanzi just want to suggest that you can first from some strong adaptability, breeding simple flowers and plants began to practice.For example, raise some of succulent plant, although look common at the beginning, some still have some ugly even, but as you protect the increase of experience, slowly protect arrive at the right place, nature can reverse attack became fairy air floating “fleshy pier”.When I first started raising meat, my friend recommended that the first kind of meat I raised was gewa lotus.Just raise time, feel also like this, but slowly, about half a year, the leaf tip began to appear red, looking at a bit of that concubine drunk flavor in the inside, the more you see the more interesting, very pleasing.It is the first choice for beginners to keep meaty, don’t miss it!Jiwa lotus in the maintenance process, basically do not need to take care of it, the only important work is watering.Its growing season in the spring and autumn, need to have adequate water supply, but watering can not be too random, to dry thoroughly pouring, and watering do not pour to the meat above go, easy to be sunburnt in the sun.Jiwa lotus is cold and heat resistant, I want to be in the southern part of the area, can completely outdoor breeding, summer winter completely no problem.But pay attention to watering, summer time should be in the evening watering, after a night of absorption and evaporation, before the sun comes out the next day, pot soil has been dry, will not affect the root system.And in the winter, to be in the fine noon, with water and environmental temperature about the same can be watered, you can also cut water conservation.Two, baifengbaifeng plant type is relatively large, is a hybrid, although just raised, the whole plant is green, but after raising, the leaf will slowly turn blue, and in the leaf tip, leaf margin and the back of the leaf will appear red phenomenon, looks pink and tender, too cute.Think about it, can grow to 20 cm crown width baifeng, is not very beautiful?But if you can’t raise, or raise badly, it is very ugly.The key to raising a good baifeng is watering and lighting these two aspects, as long as it is done, the state will not be very bad.Ensure the frequency of watering in spring and autumn.Let it have enough water, and in the summer and winter these two seasons, watering to control, and even can break aquaculture, until the discovery of serious leaf wilting water shortage, then watering, can avoid watering too much, baifeng stall cake, wear skirt state.And if you want to make baifeng out of state, lighting is indispensable.Had better be outdoor conserve, also should assure sufficient illumination on the balcony, had better be to want to turn basin, such ability assures each leaf can bask in the sun.Only in this way can it ensure its subsequent appearance level.As we know, the key to succulent coloring is the temperature difference. After the sun goes down, we can spray water around the baifeng potted plants to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling. In this way, it is easy to color, and the leaves will become more compact.Three, flower moonlight night flower moonlight night, I hear such flower name for the first time, think of is that famous poem, so-called “lonely piece pressure whole Tang dynasty” of “spring river flower moonlight night”, but after seeing flower moonlight night, absolutely worthy of this name, absolutely is the most beautiful meat in general goods.Of course, it is also very friendly to beginners.Flower night wants to raise a state to come, likewise little not light and watering these two work.Without enough light, the leaves become very light and the arrangement of leaves appears loose.In full light, however, the plant is very compact and beautiful to look at, and its leaves can be very colorful.If it is outdoor breeding, watering can be arbitrary, about once a week, pouring more will quickly evaporate, because ventilation and light are sufficient, and if it is breeding on the balcony, we should pay attention to, pot soil can not be wet for a long time.If the air is too dry, spray water to keep wet, spray water around the plant, do not spray water directly on the leaves, which can cause water accumulation and rot in the heart of the leaves.Four, I will raise the first mages are friends gave me, blade is long spoon, margin villous, blade spiral tightly together, like a lotus, just bring it back, or turquoise, for a period of time, and becomes a fuchsia color, and luster is high, showy.After raising for more than half a year, they grow stronger and better looking, and the whole rhizomes also tend to be lignified.At this time, my friend came to visit my house and saw my master, who felt very good.Why didn’t I go long?At the time, I was stunned.Then, it was the moment of my friend’s performance. He asked for scissors directly and cut off the master’s head. To my surprise, this was the so-called “beheading”.The current pot has been changed four times, growing bigger, “beheading” several times, more and more beautiful.At ordinary times, pay attention to the humidity of the environment, because the master’s blade is relatively thin, you should spray more water to prevent water loss too fast.In order for it to grow better, but also pay attention to fertilization, I generally spend more than 1 water soluble fertilizer irrigation, grow very good.Summary: these 4 kinds of much flesh are “latent capacity”, it is novice can raise good, do not abandon them to grow ugly at the beginning, protect through us, counterattack became appearance level to control people love slowly “fleshy dundun”, like many fleshy flower friends, come quickly and juanzi raise together “fleshy dundun”!

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