Wuhan Huimin flower coupons let citizens dress up for a better life

People’s Daily Online Wuhan January 27, January 26, is the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, is the southern Little New Year.Although it has been raining for days in Wuhan, the park, flower shop, flower and bird market and other hundreds of spring jasmine flower market cooperative stores, the citizens are happy to buy flowers busy, the festive atmosphere of the New Year is getting stronger and stronger.Reporters learned that liberation Park flowers street, Wuhan Flower Expo garden and other points are the most popular with the public, “Huimin flower vouchers” write-off the most.Entering from gate No. 1 of Jiefang Park, the main road is decorated with lanterns and windmills. On both sides of the road, 12 stalls have their own characteristics.In the bulb blind box area, 9.9 yuan can buy a blind box, which contains hyacinth, daffodil and other bulb flowers, as well as the possibility of winning a hidden price of 158 “sealed wax vermilion top red”.”Yunnan 18 strange, flowers weigh catty sell.”Wuhan citizens Ms. Xiao saw the slogan in the dry flower area slightly strange.Come forward to inquire after just know, dry flower area forget-me-not, love grass and other varieties are all 9.9 yuan a catty.She chose a handful of love plants, only 19 yuan, which can be filled with two or three vases in different places in the house.”Since the end of October, every weekend, our park is full of cars, people from downtown to buy Spring Festival flowers.”Jiangxia Wuhan Flower Expo park product publicity department director Fu Xing said, the city’s winter jasmine flower market opened, although the weather is not good, but many people every day.”I deeply feel that there is a growing need for beauty.””It’s so affordable!I used a 15 yuan flower voucher and got a bunch of roses for free.”25 afternoon, Wuhan citizens Ms. Zhang in the liberation Park flowers avenue to buy flowers, straight call did not expect flowers coupons so useful.The first round of “Huimin flower tickets” will be held at 8 PM on January 21, with four denominations of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 15 yuan and 100 yuan, according to an official from wuhan Landscape architecture and Forestry Bureau.By noon on January 22, the first round of 9,670 tickets had been released.Since 8 am on The 22nd, citizens have been checking and canceling at major cooperative stores.At present, the “2022 Winter Jasmine Market” mini program has exceeded 100,000 + page views.(Wang Guoji, Wu Xiao, Zhao Yinfei) (Editor: Xiao Luxin, Zhang Jun) Share to let more people see

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