A beautiful New Year in Sherpa village Number one

New Year’s Eve, next to the winding Pengqu River, the Flavor of the New Year has gradually spread in chentang Town, Dingjie County, Xigaze City, Xizang province, which is known as the “first Sherpa village.”The New Year requires a new look.January 31, “Lao Chen, go, change the national flag.”Jiang Ya, a police officer from Chentang Border Police Station of Xizang Xigaze Border Control Detachment, holds dozens of new national flags he has just brought back from the county.On the rafters of every house in Chentang town, there are the national flags hung by the police personally for them. After a long time of wind, sun and rain, the national flags fade badly, so the police will change once a month depending on the situation.Police Dai Yang came to the second floor of the house, from the wooden window, will be tied to the flag of the wooden pole carefully removed, and then replaced with a new flag to re-insert, after the snow of Chen Tang town like ink painting, black and white highlights the bright red flag.”Ah Jia (Tibetan transmised: elder sister), you have to paste rice to put up Spring Festival couplets, otherwise it will fall off after a long time.”Police generation Yang took jiang Ya hands of the Spring Festival couplets, tear off the above transparent glue, with already prepared rice paste, painted on the Spring Festival couplets.”Tuji (Tibetan translitertion: thank you), you are the best.”Chen guoyun looked at the Spring Festival couplets firmly attached to the door and smoothed out the folds.”Where is your husband and son?””They’re not coming back this year.””Then you pack up and go to the police station, let’s celebrate the New Year together!””Hahaha, good!”Every New Year’s Eve, visiting the police station is indispensable. Carrying oil, rice, zanba and other daily necessities, the police walk along the winding path they are familiar with, inviting the elderly and sherpas who stay at home alone to spend the New Year’s Eve at the police station.”Old Man Rob, we came to pick you up for Chinese New Year.”Find the rich taste of chicken soup, the police came to denzeng Rob old man home, the old man is cooking a pot of chicken soup.”Here you are, just in time. The chicken soup is ready. Take it to the house for me.”Chen Guoyun put down the gifts and put out the fire in the stove. Holding the pot on both sides with a dishcloth, he put the chicken soup aside to cool.”Old Rob, you’ve made it better every year, and we’re enjoying it again tonight.”The policeman sniffed the chicken soup and exclaimed.Chicken feet zanba served with chicken soup is a specialty of Sherpa people.This year is the old man in a police station in the third year, carried out in 2019 visits condolences, civilian police learned that the old man because of family, migrant workers have been a person at home, the police brought the old listed as recipients, help old people do some housework at ordinary times, New Year’s day is a holiday to carry on the sympathy of the old man and invited him to the police station together.”They are like my children and have always taken care of me. Although we are not related by blood, it is better than blood is thicker than water.”The old man Dan Zengrob in the police help slowly towards the police station.”Instructor, happy Spring Festival!”Instructor cornyn early received calls from New Year dunzhu, he is a police station adopted an orphan, in 2019 at the beginning of his parents died no adoption, active as a police station, the adoption, to institute until 2021 years later return to society, but he will not regularly back to the unit to see everybody, fung with all of you.At the door of the police station, instructor Kang Lin and police dai Yang are Posting Spring Festival couplets and the word fu.”Kango, we’re here to help.”From a distance, a crowd of Sherpas with azaleas and peacock feathers in their hats, a silver chain around their necks, six small silver pendants on their chest, and a silver belt around their waist approached the police station.”Niqiong (border guard), here you are, hurry up, come inside and sit down.” “This is the chicken foot valley we harvested last time. I made zanba and we ate it together tonight.”Then Niqiong (the border guard) took Chicken claw valley into the police station.As night falls, the laughter on the square, accompanied by the sound of gurgling water, plays the music of the New Year’s eve.Police and the villagers on the Sherpa culture square dancing together with Tibetan dance, generation of the police slightly awkwardly waving arms, said: “you see, I jump is not the end of this year, much better than last year,” the graph is Sherpa people and police make dumplings together “long (Tibetan transliteration: uncle), o make dumplings have exquisite technique, you want to put the stuffing in the central.”Chen Guoyun, a police officer, explained and demonstrated the dumplings neatly placed on a tray.Sausage, bacon, dumplings, mutton, chicken soup, zanba, hot pot…..A Table of Tibetan and Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner was prepared, everyone sat around the round table, toasted together to wish the New Year, thick New Year flavor in Sherpa village first overflowed, instructor Kang Lin sighed: “Although we can not go home for the Spring Festival, but we are one everyone, wish everyone a happy New Year, Tashi Dele!”In Sherpa Village No. 1, Tibetans and Han police spent Spring Festival after Spring Festival together, guarding the border.(Correspondent for China Xizang Net/Long Xiaofeng)

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