Don’t even think about buying a house until 60,000 yuan

This is Ma Shouzhan, continuing our conversation about betrothal gifts and marriage.The rising bride price of marriage is not simply a matter of money, but a matter of human nature.I didn’t want to talk about it, because it’s so boring.Before that, my little friends often asked me whether the crazy price of bride price could be stopped.I felt hard, at least for a long time.Nowadays, the concept of betrothal gift has been attached with the attributes of “human nature” and “market supply and demand”.Human nature cannot be changed, and the nature of “market supply and demand” is natural.Like house prices, it is difficult to come down once it has gone up.And around the bride price of the marriage farce tragedy, every day all the time.You can’t get out of the car without 66,000 for example, a marriage in Henan.Internet users reported that when a local couple got married, the procession had already returned to the groom’s home.As a result, a disconcerting scene occurred.The train arrived, but the bride refused to get off.Her husband’s family rushed to the front, hard advice, the girl down quickly, do not miss the auspicious day, what is not satisfied with the place, also have to finish the door to say, do not let outsiders see the joke.However, the bride still refused to get off, what auspicious auspicious, joke not joke, iron heart to fight in the end.According to the video, the front door of the wedding car is already open.The bride carried a baby in her arms and sat next to her best friend.After listening to the husband’s family’s hard advice, the bride refuted to: before the good car to 66 thousand, how just arrived at the door into ten thousand.Husband’s family or in that bitter advice, the bride next to the bestie began to help say: don’t give money to the bottom?Who can not cry!An insider revealed that the bride could not argue with the matter.Before the marriage, both sides have reached a simple agreement, the woman did not want the bride price, but the condition is to get off the face of the gift to the full.When the bride gets off the bus, the man will give her 66,000 yuan as a gift to make her face long.Unexpectedly, after the bride arrived at her husband’s house, her husband’s house turned against her, and said sixty-six thousand into ten thousand.Of course the bride can’t accept it. It’s obvious.Her husband’s family saw the bride did not listen to advice, a little impatient, said to the bride: let her go, pull back not to marry.The bride is also angry, he has not come, her husband’s family has begun to “deprive” their family status, how to live in the future.So, sadly said to the driver: drive the car back, this marriage is not married, can’t have anything to her.Marriage don’t try to be brave, it is best to tell the truth, if the net friend broke the news is true, the bride’s in-laws is not authentic.The woman didn’t ask for the bride price, just $66,000 to get out of the car, which was not too much to ask.Sixty-six grand is a lot of money, but you have to keep your promises.If you think you can’t afford to get married, you might as well say so in advance, rather than say yes at the moment, which may bring a great deal of pleasure to your family and make them unhappy when they approach.If you can accept the 66,000 yuan proposal, you should tell the truth.It’s great that you say yes to an offer, which makes them happy for nothing, and then you tell them it’s okay.It’s not appropriate in any way.Nowadays, the most direct manifestation of marriage is the amount of money and the amount of money. In the final analysis, it is to judge whether the other party respects him or not by the amount of money and the amount of money.The bride has not yet gone, her husband’s family has begun to fool, such a marriage I do not know to fool when.As for the couple’s marriage, there is no follow-up online, but we still wish them not to end a good marriage because of money matters, and hope they can renew their friendship.At the end of the story, no one knows the truth, and it is hard to tell what is right and what is wrong about family matters.But it can be seen that this is a marriage “farce” caused by betrothal gifts.Before this, Lao Ma always had a view: the high price of marriage, is doomed to a lose-lose.Marriage, like everything else, is hard to put back together.Marriage that is awkward from the start is difficult to achieve marital harmony after marriage.Some girls refuse to marry for a lot of money, and the men refuse to pay or cannot afford the high betrothal price, even if they scrape together money from all sides.So let me ask you, what happens next?Imagine how terrible such a marriage would be.Between each other, will there be a gap?I think so. It’s a given.As a result, the so-called two love mutually happy and lasting together, in fact, the secret undercurrent surging, both sides to guard against each other.You say, this is how to play?Someone once asked me, what causes the appearance of sky-high bride price?In my opinion, it is not as simple as “following the crowd”.In the final analysis, they are too poor, and because they are poor, they make the dark side of human nature “ferocious”.To put it more generally, the sky-high bride price is a disguised “exploitation” and “squeeze” by the poor.Because they are poor and afraid, so they want to try their best to improve their situation.Perhaps you think I’m being alarmist.Well, let me give you a well-known example.In ancient times, when times were bad and there was no food to eat, some people would “eat easily”.If you think of people who are poor enough to take a certain number of steps, in order to survive, they will even exchange their son with others to eat it, then if you think about the causes behind the sky-high bride price, it will naturally be much brighter.We don’t have to pretend to be very noble, you dare to say that there is no one around you that, the elder sister gets married and asks for a high bride price, in order to marry her brother when the bride price?

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