Goodbye Real Madrid!$30 million a year dawdling, laughing on the bench, getting kicked out

Real Madrid lost in the King’s Cup today, the team is also under suspicion.But there was one other man in the game who was also the center of attention.That is real Madrid’s current highest – paid star Bale.This game bell also continues to sit on the bench, with his company and Real Madrid no. 7 Hazard.The two superstars are the team’s two highest-paid players, but both have been relegated to the sidelines for physical reasons.One of hazard in the second half of the warm-up to go on the sidelines, but the end of the encoach or sent hazard back to the bench.This led to a chuckle from Belle, who was watching the show, which was also captured on camera.Hazard has not given up on his real Madrid career and is ready to warm up and get the chance to prove himself.But it was rather unkind of Bale to laugh at his team-mate.It also makes people can not help but sigh, Bale is now earning 30 million euros, but completely gave up his football career, lousy life.Hazard at least has a strong will to win the coach’s trust again.However, Bale is now in a normal state, because he has been sent out of real Madrid.Real will let him go when his contract expires in the final six months of this year, having tried to sell him on numerous occasions over the past two years.But no team was willing to take over, leading bale to spend three years playing golf in Spain before leaving real this summer.However, as real Madrid in the BBC champions League three consecutive meritorious player, Bale is also real Madrid made a great contribution.Let’s hope he can find a good club to play after leaving Real Madrid.

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