Shijingshan Wuli tuo will be built jingde temple site park

Beijing Evening News (reporter Sun Yunke) The reporter learned from Shijingshan district that the Site park of Jingde Temple will be built in Wulituo area in the west of Beijing.With the overall design concept of “park + site”, the project aims to create a green and low-carbon park where people can enjoy life with birds’ song and fragrance of flowers, and let people enjoy the “site in the sea of flowers” at their door.Jingde Temple and related sites are located in wulituo Nangong Middle Road and Xinlong ‘en Temple Road, with a protected area of 8.5 hectares, including one Jingde Temple site, 10 tombs and 3 kiln sites.The tombs include the Ming Dynasty officiating supervisor, the official eunuch cemetery and the Qing Dynasty Rui Prince garden, etc.Among them, jingdeji temple site, facing south, is a siheyuan style building complex, 86 meters long from east to west and 64.3 meters wide from north to south. So far, a total of 84 relics related to the temple site have been cleared, including 29 houses and 35 stoves.The construction scope of the project reaches to Tanyu Road in the east, Xiu-fu West Street in the west and south, xiu-fu Road and Wulituo fire Squadron in the north.The total land area is about 8 hectares, and the greening is mainly superficial planting, combining with the protection of the site to create a three-season characteristic flower sea landscape, connecting cultural relics, showing the history and culture, at the same time, the rich and colorful outdoor sports content such as site popular science, plant cognition, fantasy forest, children’s park, etc.To build an urban heritage park integrating site visiting, cultural and historical sightseeing, popular science education and outdoor sports.Shijingshan District landscaping bureau related person in charge of introduction, the project from the Yongding river linear distance of less than 2 kilometers, is the West Mountain Yongding River culture zone within the scope of the important node.At the same time, the construction of the project can also connect the regional green corridor and green road, improve the regional park system, and further improve the service radius coverage of the wulituo regional park green space of 500 meters.Editor in charge: Lu Yun

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