Spring Festival, Zhengzhou amusement park play “paralysis”?

The festival is “over the children”, to the children to do good food, give children lucky money, but also take children to play!This holiday, there are too many people taking children to zhengzhou amusement park to play, for children, “crazy” is called the New Year, “play paralysis” is cool!Slide, climb, drill, swing, seesaw, rope climbing, the playground is full of children’s laughter.One parent told the author that in response to the call of the government and the school, they did not go back to their hometown for the Spring Festival this year. “I heard from my friends that there is a free playground here. It is really good to bring their children here.This amusement park is actually an auxiliary facility of a real estate project, but its large scale, perfect equipment and high playability are rarely seen in the whole city of Zhengzhou. Moreover, the author has also noticed that the quality of amusement equipment here is very good, and the installation is particularly reliable, and the parents of children climbing up and down are quite relieved.In addition, before the Spring Festival, the epidemic situation in Zhengzhou has been well controlled, there is no new situation, the regional epidemic prevention and control security is high, so that adults can feel more at ease to let the children “crazy play”!A staff member told the author that this playground has been built for two years, although it is located outside the southwest third ring road, but now the “reputation” is getting bigger and bigger, especially the children around the south third ring road, weekends, holidays to play more people.”It doesn’t matter if we look at the house or not, we just let the children play.” The playground will not be demolished in the future and will be retained for a long time.Spring is coming, where is spring?Spring in the children’s eyes, spring in the children’s laughter!

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