Today’s food sharing | yoghurt mango, afternoon dessert, delicious not greasy!

Hefei Jinhui · Yunmanxijing Garden, today to share with you the food is – yogurt mango!Yogurt mangoes, the second way to make mango, afternoon dessert, how to make yogurt mangoes easy and delicious?Here’s how to make authentic yoghurt mangoes with ease.The following Hefei Jinhui · Cloud manxi Garden to teach you this food practice!1. Wash and peel the mango, place it in a cup, and crush it with a spoon.2. Cover mangoes with yogurt, then crumble oreos, top with yogurt, and garnish with washed mint leaves.3. The whole yoghurt mango is finished.Mango and yogurt are relatively sweet, we feel that there is no sugar.

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