Wear a textbook fourteen: genius ski girl Gu Ailing wear a fire all over the network?I never thought she’d be so chic without her ski suit!

The Winter Olympics in Beijing is about to begin, and everyone is super looking forward to it!One of the hottest women in the Olympics is snowboarder gu Ailing.The story of this girl is really as amazing as her high level of appearance!Thom Browne’s suit is slim and handsome. Miss also noticed that Gu loves black and white, but can wear these two colors in A casual fashion. It’s amazing!In addition to a variety of particularly handsome wear, American sports style is also Gu Ailing’s favorite.For example, this suit coat mix hoodie, is the most popular collocation these two years, just add a sweatpants, suit + sports ruffian feeling is full.Similar sheet tastes recommend: above is gu Ailing’s most a few private clothes that have mark to wear build!If you like her dress, Miss may write a second article about her private dress.Also hope she can have a bright result in this Winter Olympics, so what do you think of the ski talented girl?Feel free to discuss in THE comments section ~————THE END————

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