Will 2.0T quad-wheel drive 3rd generation Harvard H6 be better

In the automotive field, although the development course of independent brands has more or less experienced twists and turns over the years, there are still some wandering and repetition, but the overall trend is constantly rising.Among them, Hafu SUV presents the “head goose effect” is very obvious.Talking about the national car, I believe that most people can think of the first time is Harvard H6.Since its launch, Haf H6 has occupied the sales volume of compact SUV guan for more than 90 months. Titles and awards such as “The most Popular All-in-one Urban Model”, “The Most Popular Family SUV”, and “Annual Chinese SUV” have been awarded with high market recognition.Since its launch in August last year, the third-generation Harvard H6 has continued the family tradition of high sales volume and high cost performance.The power combination of 1.5t +7 speed dual clutch has also been optimized, but four-wheel drive and models with higher displacement are still not introduced, which has become a big pain point. Quite a large number of users hope that 2.0T models and four-wheel drive system can be added to H6.Haval also quickly responded to user demand, in January this year, the third generation OF H6 officially launched with four-wheel drive system 2.0T model, more perfect product matrix.On March 1, the author also had the honor to spend a day with the third generation of Harvard H6 2.0T intelligent four-wheel drive version, feeling the phenomenon of the legendary model for a decade is to rely on what continuation of the “god car” halo?Leapfrog configuration, sincere appearance, the third generation of Harvard H6 uses the “Oriental future aesthetics” design language.For the front part, the third-generation Harvard H6 uses a larger grille.In addition, the new style of the net with the use of mesh chrome decoration, highlighting the vehicle itself sedate sense, but also increase the front of the fashion atmosphere.In terms of size, the length, width and height of the third generation Of Harvard H6 are 4653/1886/1730mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2738mm. Such data are also 53/26/10mm and 58mm larger than the previous second generation of H6, especially the lengthening of the wheelbase, so that the rear row space becomes more spacious and the ride comfort is better.Allow it to continue to maintain its strong competitiveness in the compact SUV market.If the third generation of Hafu H6 in the appearance of the eastern way into the future aesthetic design concept, so in the interior and configuration is full of intelligent science and technology breath, which is particularly evident in its interior.The interior of the third generation Harvard H6 adopts a symmetrical layout, using a classic three-piece steering wheel, which is decorated with colored trim.In addition, the third generation of Hafu H6 equipped with a rotary shift button, very advanced sense.The combination of 12.3-inch smart touch screen + 10.25-inch driving screen + 10-inch HUD intelligent full-color display can realize three-screen linkage with the central control screen, which is very convenient to use.Haval H6 has always been the main impression to consumers is “durable, fuel saving and leap space”, related to intelligent, digital factors are often associated with the car, but the new Haval H6 in the Great Wall Lemon intelligent platform to build, but is given the lack of intelligent, digital capabilities.Based on the new intelligent platform, Haf H6 not only has the mainstream L2+ level driving assistance system at the present stage, but also in terms of product positioning has changed from a simple fuel SUV to the world’s first model that can be upgraded through FOTA, which is the key for Haf H6 to continue to be the “god car” in the new era., in particular, are equipped with the new car tour trace back and transparent chassis, the vehicle when you meet the narrow way “dilemma” harvard H6 can be done automatically by the cruise trace back function reverse action, above this configuration not only improves the vehicle active safety, also let the harvard H6 the refresh upgrade is sincerity.Strong “core” power output strong third generation Hafu H6 2.0T intelligent four-wheel drive version is equipped with a code named GW4N20 2.0TGDI engine, the maximum power reaches 155 kW, the maximum torque 325 N · m, in 1500 RPM can burst the peak torque.This engine has won the title of “China Heart” Top ten engines in 2020, which shows its excellent performance in thermal efficiency and high performance.In fact, the 2.0T does have something special.The thermal efficiency reached 38.2%. It is the first time that the engine developed by the independent brand is equipped with Miller cycle technology, which makes the combustion in the cylinder more full and reduces the fuel consumption.Not only that, the second generation 7DCT gearbox matched by the engine provides smooth shift and fast shift response.In the course of driving, you will hardly feel any setbacks.The third generation Hafer H6 2.0T Intelligent four-wheel drive version not only brings the driving experience of “core” upgrade, but also carries borgwarner Haldex intelligent four-wheel drive system and six driving modes, including three daily driving modes of economy, standard and sport, and three four-wheel drive modes of snow, sand and off-road.Enough to make every love SUV driving owners find real fun.In the actual driving process, the power feels abundant, but the response of the oil gate half section is not sensitive enough.At cruising speed, with a wide torque platform, the engine barely revs more than 2,000 RPM.It is worth mentioning that the third-generation Haffer H6, based on the Lemon platform, has also improved its ride quality and NVH.In daily driving scenarios, the tranquility in the compartment belongs to a higher level of the same level, which can create a certain sense of advanced.The power performance of the third generation Hafer H6 2.0T intelligent four-wheel drive version not only surpasses expectations, but also ensures the stable posture of the whole vehicle in various road conditions with the low center of gravity and the toughness support of the suspension.In the process of fast steering and high speed driving, the body of the vehicle is very good, there is no sign of dragging.The main reason why The Harvard H6 can keep the title of god car for a long time is that it grasps the demand of the market quite accurately.The third generation Haffer H6 is built based on the Lemon platform, with stronger expansion capacity. It can be said that in this price range, Haffer H6 is worthy of the king of cost-effective activities from February 7 to February 9, 2022

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