Yunyang Hubei: Strengthen supervision and inspection to prevent food waste

This article was transferred from: People’s Daily Online: “Is the amount of leftovers recovered at the gate of the canteen only from middle school, or even from primary school?””How is the amount of food served per meal in the canteen determined?”Recently, Hubei Shiyan city, Yunyang district Meipu town discipline inspection commission supervision group in-depth town nine-year system school canteen, on the implementation of the work against food and beverage waste to carry out supervision and inspection, to the possible existence of waste behavior supervision remind, resolutely prevent “a bite of waste”.Teams to focus on food volume control situation, the leftovers recycled, management system implementation, against food waste propaganda education situation and so on has carried on the supervision and inspection, on-site check to see if the repast personnel within the “CD” and GanShuiTong leftovers, whether in striking place posted slogans against waste, saving, asked if the relevant person in charge of canteen on-demand procurement, precise feeding.At the same time, the town’s commission for discipline inspection to stop food waste as to carry out the spirit, regulations of the central eight important gripper “four winds” behavior, focusing on illegal to eat and drink, high-profile wedding normalized to observe investigations, insist on a piece of the “double check”, strictly investigate violations of public funds to eat and drink, food waste and the existing contact variation problem such as “four winds”, problems of MiaoTouXing, orientation,Bite ear to pull sleeve in time, correct remind, urge zhenzhi each unit tree firmly plain living, careful budgeting “live a tight life” concept.Up to now, the town commission for discipline inspection in-depth organs dining hall, wedding scene and so on to carry out supervision and inspection 3 times, the next step, will increase the area of the catering enterprises and organs dining hall supervision and inspection efforts, malicious stop extravagant waste of wind, in the town to create saving glory, waste shameful new fashion.(Fu Qiuzhen)

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