10 deals made!Nets send Harden, Lakers and Lebron James no action, but decided to be praised!

10 deals made!Nets send Harden, Lakers and Lebron James no action, but decided to be praised!The NBA’s turbulent transfer market, which has seen 10 deals recently, has many veteran fans worried that their team’s top management, lacking business acumen, could not get good players and instead send away the “big fish”.Those fans’ concerns, however, seem to have been overblown. Aside from the Fact that the Nets traded Harden for Simmons and a few other players from the 76ers, the other deals were minor and didn’t have much of an impact on each team.But this time the Lakers, led by James, did not bring in, which is strange.Don’t you want to win this season?Here’s how it works.Of the 10 moves made in the NBA market, the nets and lakers were the most anticipated.Although the two teams have the big three, their records so far this season are very complicated.As the game progressed, the two teams looked less like championship contenders and more marginalized.If we don’t take this opportunity, it will be very difficult to win the championship this season.The Nets have already made a trade with the 76ers that would send James Harden to the lakers for their star Jordan Simmons, as well as several other players and two first-round picks.The deal is a win-win. The Nets get Simmons, the offense is still hot, and the two first-round picks keep the team competitive in the future.And the sixers get Harden and make a lot of money.With a 30-plus game average and several scoring titles to his name, Harden can give the team what they want.So, the second half of the season, these two teams to look forward to.Compared to the two teams above, this time the Lakers as a spectator, it is strange.Fans had expected the lakers to trade Westbrook for a star, but that didn’t happen.It is reported that before the trade deadline, only the rockets are willing to offer, but the offer is only “1 first-round pick + half a year did not play wall”, apparently, such conditions, the Lakers did not agree, which means that the Lakers this season is difficult to win the championship, eyes fall on the next season.It’s worth noting that the deal didn’t go through because the lakers’ front office took James into account.It is understood that James and Pelinka were involved in the lakers’ roster building during the offseason, and the two sides have agreed to continue working together before the trade deadline.It’s fair to say that James has great vision, and the Lakers have made the right choice. The offseason is the big deal.Westbrook’s trade value could be even higher this offseason, with the lakers saying, “The lakers can trade their 2029 draft pick for westbrook for a Max player this offseason.”However, this season may be the last peak for James, given his age.With the off-season acquisition, we can only hope that James will continue to lead the team to a title next season.May James grow old and flourish!

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