Focus on key tasks and make new strides

How will we do economic work this year?It is to adhere to the arrangement and deployment of the second plenary Session of the sixth Session of the Municipal Committee and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Committee, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and promote high-quality development.”Wear jacket carry collar, pull cattle lead nose”.On the basis of accurately grasping the overall situation, the second plenary session of the sixth Session of the Municipal Committee and the economic Work Conference of the Municipal Committee proposed to anchor the “two guarantees”, implement the “ten strategies”, focus on the ten main tasks, seize the key, highlight the key, and promote the implementation of various work.Ten main task is to build a modern industrial system, to realize the new span in science and technology city, the city, the education talents on the city, to realize the new span on the national regional central city construction, to realize the new span in the development of county economy, high quality, to realize the new span on the country comprehensive revitalization of the advance on, to realize the new span on deepen the reform open still wider to the outside world, to realize the new spanWe will make new strides in promoting the integrated development of culture, tourism, culture and innovation, in accelerating the construction of ecological commercial hills, in ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, and in modernizing the social governance system and capacity.These ten major tasks are in line with the realities of the city and bear on the overall interests of development.By making major breakthroughs in these key areas, we will be able to make our strengths better, strengthen our weak links, and find a new path of leapfrog development featuring higher quality, better returns, better structure, and full release of our strengths and potential.Focus on key tasks and have a sense of urgency.Henan city throughout the development of thousands of sails competition, 100 boats contend for flow, the situation is threatening, not to advance is to retreat, slow progress is also retreat.The whole city should strengthen the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency that if one does not advance, he or she will fall back, and if he or she advances slowly, he or she will fall back. In combination with their own functions, specific conditions and advantages, they should make clear their positioning and goals, work out specific implementation plans and measures, and refine the ten main tasks into specific and scientific plans, measures and projects.All Party members and cadres should earnestly check the meeting’s deployment requirements, step on the accelerator pedal to the bottom, roll up sleeves and work harder.To stimulate the motivation of learning to catch up, face up to the problems, face up to the gap, start from themselves, from the present, to catch up, overcome difficulties, achieve new breakthroughs, show new achievements.Focus on key work, to consolidate responsibility.The strong and weak sense of responsibility, the fast and slow development of the relationship.Leading cadres should take the initiative to act as both commanders and combatants.Departments at all levels should define their responsibilities in accordance with the ten major tasks, so as to form a system of responsibility that extends from top to bottom, from horizontal to lateral, and from vertical to vertical.To explore the development of ten major tasks assessment and evaluation system, according to the requirements of the completion of the statement of responsibility, honor the military warrant to give reuse and praise;At the same time, we must hold accountable those who practice fraud and do nothing.Focus on key work and have a rigid style of work.The ten main tasks to achieve a new leap, is not a flat, overnight can be achieved, only carry forward the “hard style”, to hit the “hard bone”.At present, the task of epidemic prevention and control is arduous, and economic development is faced with many difficulties. At critical moments, Party members and officials should stand up, rise to the top, and take the lead, and strengthen their hard work style of being brave, responsible, and fearless.All departments and units should apply strict requirements and a realistic style to every link of their work. They should have the courage to take on responsibilities and be responsible. They should not choose tasks or push them away.Key work affects the overall situation, how to implement the overall situation.The lunar year of the Tiger is approaching, and the tiger is a symbol of courage and strength in Chinese culture.The whole city faces the current severe challenges with vigor and vitality, and surmount all kinds of obstacles on the way forward with vigor and vitality. Our ten major tasks will surely make new strides and open up a new situation in economic and social development.

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