Today the beginning of spring, listen!A year’s plan begins in spring

Law back to the age of frost less late, spring to the human vegetation.Then feel the present business is full, the east wind blows water green jagged.Zhang ishitoday is the first solar term of the 24 solar terms, li. “The seventy-two Pentages of the month” says, “Start of spring is the first lunar month festival.At the beginning…”The beginning of spring marks the end of winter when all things are closed and the beginning of spring when birds and flowers are fragrant.The beginning of spring coincides with the grand opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Olympic athletes from all over the world will meet in Beijing to live up to the spring scenery and look forward to the future together.Today is also worth “69” the first day, “599 69, along the river to see the willow”, the riverside willow a little bit out of the new buds, in the natural phenology, there are three pentad of spring: one pentad dongfeng thaw, two pentad jellyfish began to vibration, three pentad fish zhi negative ice.A hou east wind warm, the earth began to thaw;The insects of second hou stings slowly wake up in the hole;The ice in the river melts gradually, and the fish swims to the surface of the water. But at this time, the broken ice is floating on the surface of the water, as if floating on the fish’s back.As the first of the 24 solar terms, Start of Spring was an important festival in ancient times. In ancient times, there was a grand ceremony to welcome spring and bring back the goddess G ōu.Gumang, the god of wood (spring) in ancient Chinese mythology, is in charge of the germination and growth of trees. In the folk, on the day of The start of Spring, there are customs such as beating the spring ox, eating spring cakes and wearing spring flags to welcome the return of spring.Although the Spring Festival has just passed, hardworking people around the country have already begun their hard work in the New Year.The “Sound of The Beginning of Spring” is collected from Changjie Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The climate is warm and humid, and the salt water is suitable for the breeding and growth of razor clams.Razor clams have a long history here.The beginning of spring season, the wet air in the South of the Yangtze River has not dispersed the dense smell of the New Year, changjie town beach is a busy scene.Razor clam after ten months of growth to maturity, out of the mud and not stained, each meat tender and fat, white taste fresh.Industrious razor clam farmers, not wait for the end of the year on the boat in the beach race against time to catch razor clam.It’s the Spring Festival, and razor clams are a must on local tables.It is said that “spring comes early”, listen to, the Spring Festival here is the patter of rain in the revival of all things, but also the joy of the year rich.Spring sowing summer long, autumn harvest winter hide, spring, is the season of hope, you make what wishes for this spring?Source: Voice of China, China Media Group

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