Want to buy fund, worry fund drops again, can you buy now?

Want to buy fund, worry fund still can drop again, can you buy now?For the topic of whether to buy funds, there is a greater reference significance is that the share of ETF funds has generally increased, so now can gradually build positions.Etfs are known as “thermometers” of market sentiment, and a broad increase in ETF shares would be a sign that the market has gradually warmed.The stock market has experienced earlier falls, has released more risks, is now in the strategic bottom stage.Equity funds are also down, some by nearly 40% from their highs, while ETFs show a tendency to “buy as they go down”.From the ETF share growth of this situation, the mid – and long-term layout of the better inflection point has come.Fund cast is actually a guard cloud open see the moon “silly” mode, and not just silly to wait.From the near period of time, the purchase of funds should be a better strategic opportunity.Buy fund now, hold longer time, big probability can make money.As long as the economy rises, our fund investment is afraid of no return?

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