Yan Wengang makes history by winning men’s skeleton bobsled bronze medal at Beijing Winter Olympics

Yanqing, Beijing, February 11, Xinhua News Agency (Reporters Zhang Xiao, Ma Bangjie)China’s Yan Wengang won a surprise bronze medal in the men’s skeleton bobsled final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday.This is the first time for Chinese athletes to win a medal in the skeleton bobsled event at the Winter Olympics.Yan Wengang of China at the medal presentation ceremony in Beijing, Feb 11, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter he Changshan photo men’s skeleton snowmobile race a total of 4 wheels coasting.After the first three rounds, Yan was fourth, 0.05 seconds behind Alexander Tretyakov of the Russian Olympic Team.He will have to go for it in the final round without making any mistakes to have any chance of overtaking his rivals and making the podium.Yan, who was fourth from the bottom, resisted the pressure and made a near-perfect final slide, finishing in 1 minute 00.15 seconds, a personal best of four skis of the competition.Yan’s time was the second fastest of all skaters, behind the one-minute first skate of eventual winner Christoph Grotcher of Germany.Yan Wengang of China crosses the finish line during the race on Feb. 11.Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Wenyao subsequently appeared tretiyakov fourth round of sliding error, slower than Yan Wen Port 0.27 seconds.Yan wengang finished 0.22 seconds ahead of him to secure a podium finish.The last two German players played solidly to sweep the gold and silver MEDALS.Among them, Grottherr won the first place with a time of 4:01.01.Yanqing National Bobsled Center of Beijing Winter Olympics has won 5 gold MEDALS so far, all of which were won by German athletes.Axel Junker took silver in 4:01.67.Yan Wengang took the bronze in 4:01.77.Yin Zheng, another Chinese, finished fifth in 4:02.13.On February 11, China’s Yin Zheng in the race, he won the fifth place.Four years ago, Geng Wenqiang finished 13th in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics as the only Chinese men’s skeleton bobsledder.It was the first time for Chinese athletes to participate in the skeleton bobsled competition at the Winter Olympics.Editors: Zhang Zewei, Yu Sihui, Wu Junkuan, Duan Yutong (Intern)

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