Behind the crime of abducting and selling women is the dual problem of urban and rural areas

Women abduct and sell this matter, certainly want to increase criminal attack, but, want to cure both symptoms and root causes, still have to start from economy.Why are there so many cases of women trafficking?Rural people can’t get a wife, so they turn to human traffickers to kidnap and sell urban women.Why can’t rural people get wives?The rural sex ratio is unbalanced.This is also related to two things: first, sex selection caused by land reform in the late 1970s and early 1980s;The second is the urban-rural dual structure formed since industrialization.Before 1978, people’s communes were implemented in rural areas and people ate rice from large POTS. The incentives for individuals were not obvious, and even if male labor force had advantages, they were not significant. For a long time, the gender ratio of newborn babies was in a normal range (106:100).You know, under natural selection, without any intervention, males simply have more babies than females, somewhere between 105 and 106.After the implementation of the household contract responsibility system, things changed, and the advantages of male labor force were reflected. In 1979, 25 percent of the counties carried out land reform. From 1980 to 1981, the land reform began to spread across the country, and by 1984, it had been almost universal.Since then, the sex ratio has risen rapidly.According to Zeng Yi et al. ‘s Analysis on the Causes and Consequences of the Rising Sex Ratio at Birth in China in Recent Years, the sex ratio at birth in 1981 given by the third census was 108.5;The sex ratio at birth in 1986 was 110.94 according to the sample survey of 1% of population in 1987;The sex ratio at birth was 111.0 in 1987 according to the birth control survey of 2‰ population in 1988.The sex ratio at birth in 1989 was 113.8, based on the 10% sample collected from the fourth census of 1990.All the way.According to the fourth census, the sex ratio of one child in 1989 was 105, which was normal, but the sex ratio of second, third, fourth and more children was as high as 120.9, 124.6 and 131.7 respectively.In addition, the sex ratio at birth in rural areas is significantly higher than that in urban areas, and workers of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery are higher than other non-agricultural workers.Changes in the sex ratio discount changes in the relations of production.For fat friends, please check out Land Reform and Sex Selection in China, published by Li Hongbin et al.In this traditional mode of agricultural production, son preference is an inevitable choice.The popularity of b-ultrasound tests since the 1990s has only amplified this choice.Then there is the urban-rural dualism.As we all know now, the basic industrialization in China was accomplished by relying on the scissors of workers and peasants.Under the scissors difference between workers and peasants, little by little the dual appearance of urban and rural areas was cast.The country is always poor, the city is always bright.Under such circumstances, who would not yearn for the grandeur of the great city?Rural men and women go to big cities, the outcome is different.By contrast, women find it easier and more likely to stay in the cities. Who will go back?Not for men, the housing problem can be swept away in half.There are more and more bachelors in the countryside.On the other hand, compared with men, women in cities have no way out.In most rural areas, it is difficult for women to share their land. Although the law clearly states that women enjoy equal rights with men, in practice, it is difficult for women in rural areas to secure their property rights and interests.Son preference and women have no property rights, they both achieve each other.First, the production relationship sets the tone of preferring sons over daughters. Then, the more sons are preferred, the more difficult it is to protect women’s property rights and interests.And the more women have no property rights, the less status they have.And anyway, all over the world, it’s still a male-dominated society, and men are matching down and women are matching up when it comes to marriage.Under the dual structure of urban and rural areas, the city itself has formed a perspective of rural inspection. After women live in big cities, they naturally have a subordinate attitude to rural men, and it is difficult to look up to rural men.Now the marriage market is a double leftover situation, leftover women in big cities, leftover men in rural areas.I had visited many local halls in Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Suzhou and Xi ‘an before. I wanted to write a social survey report, but I never did. Most of the girls came from rural areas.(In fact, not limited to this, expand to the whole semi-formal, informal entertainment industry, in essence, are the city in the consumption of rural areas.In a way, thanks to the live-streaming industry, many people have a more decent alternative.)Chatting with them, I always heard them saying that the men in their hometown were too vulgar and had no quality. If they wanted to marry, they would also marry a city dweller. Many would rather choose to be a second wife to their guest than go back to their hometown.Also, the culture of equal rights is stronger in big cities.For many rural women, if they stay in the countryside all their life, they may not be able to deeply experience the pain of discrimination against boys over girls. After all, they are used to it.However, after going to a big city and experiencing a relatively equal culture, it must be doubly painful to go back.From the industrial society to the agricultural society, from the individualistic society to the family society, this is the ideological experience of “from extravagance to thrift”, it is very difficult.The most common story I heard from those same people was the preference for sons over daughters in the countryside.Had met a girl of heze countryside, struggle alone in suzhou, make money in bar, hall, turn head but also subsidy gnawing old brother, the elder brother in debt, and all this is regarded as a matter of course by the home, money is not in place slightly, parents even call over the head to scold, complete tool person.After all this, who wants to go back to the countryside?To sum up, in addition to the criminal crackdown, to eradicate the soil of women trafficking, first, to explore and establish a new rural production relations, to protect women’s property rights and interests in rural areas;Second, we need to solve the problem of dual urban-rural structure.Speaking of this, you can understand how important rural revitalization is, not only about economic issues, but also about social issues and human rights issues.With regard to social problems, we should not only love concrete people, but also love abstract people.The case itself is important, but the root causes deserve more attention.Every time it happens, everyone complains, and then after a while, it dies down, and then it’s forgotten, and then a year or two later, there’s another one, and then the blood pressure rises again.If the root causes are not solved, the future will be marked by repeated tragedies.

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