Panjiang | the last Spring Festival adhere to

On February 2, the second day of the Lunar New Year, at 6:50 in the morning, Baiguo town, Pan City, the sky is not clear, a quiet, patches of snow falling, soon wet Pan Shuzhen’s shoulder.At 7 o ‘clock, Pan Shuzhen and her colleague Song Moxiang took the shuttle bus to the mining area on time. Because of the heavy snow, the car was slower than usual. Half an hour later, two people got off at The Sujiying station in Xiaoyun.Walk to Xiaoyunshang Gas station of Tucheng Mine of Guizhou Panjiang Cleaned Coal Co., LTD., two people and their colleagues do a good job of shift work, and start a new day’s work — check the equipment, record the height of the gas cabinet, and regularly report data…….”You won’t be able to see me next year,” Pan tells me as they go about their work methodically, reviewing the surveillance video.”You’ve been working every year, and you finally decided to take a break next year?””I will retire next year and this will be the last Spring Festival of my career,” pan said with a smile.From a young girl in the prime of her youth to the age of her destiny, Pan Shu-zhen’s working schedule never includes holidays, holidays and days.This year, the 29th year she has worked, is the 29th year she has stuck to the Spring Festival post, and the last Spring Festival she will spend before retirement.In the 1980s, Pan shuzhen came to Liupanshui from Fujian province, where she grew up and went to school, following in her father’s footsteps.After graduating from Panjiang Technical School in 1993, Pan shuzhen was assigned to work at the Laowuji coal washing plant and began her career.In the past 29 years, her work has changed from a front-line worker in a coal washing plant to a logistics worker in the administrative department, and then to a front-line worker in a gas station in the social engineering department. What has changed is the working place, but what remains unchanged is her determination to stick to her post.”When I first started working, I was not used to working during the Spring Festival.”Looking back on the past, Pan Shuzhen is a little embarrassed, she said that at that time because of the Chinese New Year can not be reunited with the family he also quietly cried, but wiped tears, still with one hundred percent of the serious dedication to work, stick to the post.This commitment has lasted for many years, until now.Xiaoyunshang Gas station supplies one third of the civil gas in Tucheng Mine. In winter and The Spring Festival, the demand for civil gas is the biggest. “The more time like this, the more we need to do our work well.”Pan Shuzhen’s eyes are full of firmness, once quietly crying little girls have grown up.Snow in the Spring Festival, some reunion, some stick to.When the two words of reunion and adherence met in the coldest season, they also struck an ordinary and warm spark on Pan Shuzhen.”Do well in their own work, to ensure that the mine workers’ families can use gas in the winter, so that everyone can be reunited.”It has always been pan Shuzhen’s adherence to stand the last Spring Festival post, just an epitome of her 29 years of adherence, and this is bound to become the most beautiful scenery in her life.Year after year, Pan Shuzhen sticks to the front line and writes the responsibility and responsibility of the workers in the mining area with her actions.Duty editor/Yu Lin Fu Ping Zi Meng Duty director/Wang Xiaochuan duty editor/Liu Jiafei duty chief editor/Yang Xiaotian

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