Quality public cultural services will help migrant workers better integrate into the city

Nanfang Daily reported that Nong Hua, from Guangxi, visited zheng Shixu Exhibition hall in Humen Town, Dongguan, recently with her three children and those of her relatives.He explained the small exhibition hall and ancient village to the children. They played for a whole afternoon and were deeply moved by Zheng shixu’s patriotic spirit.The children kept wanting and said they would come again next time.During the Spring Festival, 242 cultural and sports venues at the three levels of Dongguan city, town and village will be fully open to the public, allowing migrant workers staying in Dongguan to enjoy a cultural and sports feast, stimulate patriotic feelings and feel that their hometown is like their hometown.Relevant surveys show that compared with the older generation of migrant workers, the new generation of migrant workers have a psychological need to integrate into the new urban living environment as soon as possible, be recognized as “city people”, and hope to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.Especially with the implementation of the “double reduction” policy and the family Education Promotion Law, to improve the quality of children, migrant workers must first improve their own quality.In this context, cultural exchange is undoubtedly the best way to break the psychological barrier between urban and rural areas.How to make the cultural bridge for migrant workers to integrate into the city more smooth and convenient, and attract more new generation of migrant workers to get out of the “hometown” circle in the past, and truly integrate into the city where they work and live? Dongguan allows migrant workers to “spend the year of culture in poetry”, which undoubtedly makes them feel more gained.As a province with the largest number of migrant workers, Guangdong has always attached great importance to the protection of migrant workers’ rights, especially in recent years, it has increased its humanistic care for migrant workers.The culture and tourism development in guangdong province “difference” planning “explicitly pointed out that, rich good public cultural products and services supply, improve public cultural services” menu type “train” reservation “service mechanism, fully protect minors, the elderly and disabled, different cultural rights and interests of migrant workers and other special groups, to provide accurate public cultural products and services.More a few migrant workers in the city of dongguan compared with shenzhen, guangzhou, the number of cultural facilities and quality is relatively insufficient, more need through system innovation, resource input, gradually achieve culture equalization of public service, makes the new generation migrant workers enjoy the same public cultural resources and urban residents.In this sense, the practice of Dongguan is worth learning from many places.To help migrant workers integrate into urban cultural life, it is necessary to share, build, manage and promote the work of various parties.Government level, the need to turn the rich migrant workers cultural life into the category of public service, strengthening the construction of public cultural infrastructure, enriching the content of public cultural services, scientific and overall planning of urban cultural facilities, strengthening the public service function, let the new generation of migrant workers there to enjoy public cultural services.In particular, we should build a community-oriented public cultural service system to connect and integrate it with the daily production and life of the new generation of migrant workers.Like shenzhen, CARES about migrant workers unpaid and safeguard the spiritual and cultural life rights and interests of migrant workers in the same position, not only the migrant workers can enjoy public cultural services indifferently, and cultural facilities are built in the migrant workers living areas, factories, parks, they can easily enjoy a work of public cultural services.Companies need to fully exert the principal role of migrant workers, according to the needs of migrant workers level, increase the cultural facilities, stimulate the cultural activity participation, also want to try to meet the migrant workers to go to the cinema, the theatre consumption demand, through consultation with cinemas, theatres, and to give migrant workers issued the ticket or make a block booking form, let them also can look atNew movies and new plays.Social groups and industry organizations to organize various cultural activities targeted, especially the cultural huimin volunteers grass-roots level to carry out activities, to strengthen the interaction between migrant workers and promote their life gradually integrated into the urban community, and then build on community cultural facilities as the backing of the migrant workers service platform.□ Ding Shenyi statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. 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