The gold wares unearthed from sanxingdui site are brilliant and complement sanxingdui bronzes

The tall bronze statues and bronze sacred trees unearthed at Sanxingdui site are shocking, but these bronzes are only visually amazing.There is another amazing piece of art from the Sanxingdui civilization that requires careful appreciation to appreciate its superb craftsmanship, and that is gold ware.Sunbird gold foil A sunbird gold foil was unearthed at jinsha site belonging to sanxingdui Civilization.Gold foil can be said to be as thin as cicada wings, hollow out in the middle, the formation of the sun bird pattern.When it was unearthed, it was just a mass of unknown objects. Cultural relics workers unfolded it a little bit and restored its original appearance.This gold foil craft is exquisite, delicate and meticulous, to observe carefully to realize its special.Some craftsmen restored it to the size and pattern of the sun bird gold foil, and hammered it repeatedly to make replicas of the gold foil.It wasn’t technically difficult to restore, but it did take a long time to make.On the contrary, there were a large number of craftsmen in Sanxingdui civilization who broke away from production and spent a considerable amount of time making artworks.It can be seen that sanxingdui civilization was quite prosperous, which is why there were so many goldsmiths making gold utensils for sacrifice.The meaning of the sunbird is unclear, but it is not untraceable.It is said that the sun is shaped by the three-legged golden bird, and this is probably what the sun divine bird pattern expresses.Gold Mask on bronze Mask Sanxingdui bronze mask is very special with unique eyes.The bronze mask has a gold mask with bronze attached to it.Some gold masks were only partially unearthed, prompting many gold enthusiasts to imagine the rest of the mask and even go to the stage to make their own complete gold masks.The bronze mask with the gold mask on it is not in its original form.When bronze masks were first made, they were gold.A gold bronze mask with a gold mask would look even more golden than it does now.Gold has always been a hard currency, a symbol of wealth.Sanxingdui civilization used gold to make masks, put them on golden bronze masks, and then put the masks on people’s faces. It was really shocking.No such thing can be seen now, but a creative dance featuring sanxingdui bronze masks is a way of recreating the situation.Tiger gold Foil This year is the Year of the tiger, and the gold foil unearthed in Sanxingdui is also based on a tiger.The tiger is lively and lovely, reflecting the tiger worship of sanxingdui people.Tiger worship is very common in Chinese civilization. Sanxingdui and Huaxia have the same tiger worship, indicating that Sanxingdui civilization is closely related to Chinese civilization.In addition, there is also the fish-shaped gold foil, which reflects the fish worship of Sanxingdui people.There was a king of Yu Fu in the ancient Shu kingdom.Eiderium has two interpretations, one is that eiderium is an osprey, and the other is that eiderium refers to fish and eiderium, which is a bird.But all reflect the relationship between sanxingdui people and fish is not general.Golden staffs were also unearthed from the Sanxingdui site.The surface of the gold rod has a thin layer of gold, carved fish patterns, fine workmanship.The golden scepter is the symbol of the highest power in Sanxingdui. The gold foil wrapped on the scepter reflects the majesty of the royal power.Conclusion Sanxingdui civilization is brilliant and needs to be savoured.Even if it is only gold, you can catch a glimpse of sanxingdui civilization.The combination of bronze mask and gold mask highlights the unique charm of Sanxingdui civilization.The mutual achievement of the two shows the shocking ancient Shu civilization to the world.

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