After a conversation with starbucks management about the incident, I chose to block her

I blew my top when I heard about the starbucks police drive!Therefore, I want to do something. First of all, I will never consume in Starbucks. If my relatives or friends work in Starbucks or consume in Starbucks again, I will resolutely choose to break up with them.This is me, because in my heart, national justice always comes first. China can live without Starbucks, but not without the People’s police.Suppose I worked as a starbucks clerk and met the same thing, I would order several cups of the best coffee in the store at my own expense and give them to the police. Considering the cold winter, I would mainly invite the police to sit inside.If a customer does not have a seat, I will not persuade the police to leave. Instead, I choose to communicate with the customers, hoping that they can understand our police comrades’ work is to maintain our public order. Please wait patiently for the police to finish their meal, I believe that the customers will be reasonable.Doing so, even if it violates the company’s culture or regulations, I would rather accept punishment and even be fired. I have no regrets, because I know what I should do. Doing so for my comrades in the police, I think everything is worth it.Then I remembered that a friend of mine worked in management at Starbucks, so I texted her and urged her to resign immediately or be done with her. She asked me why I was letting her do this.I gave two reasons: First, I told her, “Some of your salespeople drive away the police who have dinner at work, and the reason given is that it will affect the brand image. What’s worse, you even complain to the police.Have you no national interests?Although your shop assistant is not illegal, but moral, ah, such an enterprise you still work for it?”She replied, “I’m at Starbucks, but I’m on the people’s side of this, and I’d love to quit right now, but I’m over 35, and I don’t know how long it will take me to find another job.During this period, I have mortgage to pay, car loan to pay, alimony for four old people, child maintenance and education fees, and all kinds of daily expenses. After I resign, could you help me solve these expenses until I find a new job?”Hearing her say this, I was a little speechless, so I chose to understand her for the first reason, and then went on to give her the second reason.Number two: I told her, “Do you think Starbucks has a future in China?Can’t you see there’s a lot of outrage now?People on the Internet said they would never go to Starbucks, saying that we are all responsible for keeping Starbucks alive.When it comes to national justice, Chinese people have the same heart. If they don’t consume, Starbucks will choose to withdraw from the Chinese market. At that time, don’t you still need to find a job?”Her reply to me was: “You are really overthinking it because your worries are not real”.She also offers two reasons. First:”From the investment point of view, whether pedestrian street, commercial street, or a tourist area, China merchants group also has the Chinese nation’s sense of honor, who are hoping to investment promotion and capital introduction to the drainage of merchants is domestic coffee brand merchants, but unfortunately, the merchant team is starbucks, make great effort for starbucks is god merchants, while in a foreign country,But the drainage capacity in our country is superb “.”The opening of Starbucks will boost consumption in the neighborhood and create many jobs by encouraging other stores to rent.So you can also ask around to do investment friends, their business area, there are often two kinds of gold: one is geographical gold;The other is next to the golden spot of the drainage merchant “.”If the drainage merchants go bankrupt, the business of the surrounding merchants is bound to decline. Originally, the income and expenditure are barely balanced, but now there are some hidden dangers, such as falling rents, falling yields, and reduced financing amount. I don’t know how many bosses will cut off supply, and I don’t know how many employees will lose their jobs.””Then why starbucks is the first-class drainage merchant? It is because the business is so popular that Starbucks customers in China give starbucks the status of the first-class merchant.”The second point: “to tell you the reality of a firm heart, after the event, she learned about the financial data of the last few days, there is no sales have plunged, why is this so, because of starbucks’ marketing positioning the target group is rebelliousness, in this direction to build the whole atmosphere of the store, to cater to their target group.”After the occurrence of the incident, it did not affect the consumption of the target group, and I cannot say what group is boycotted on the Internet. Maybe they do not like coffee themselves, or they simply cannot afford it…”When I listened to her reasons, it seemed that she really couldn’t find anything wrong, but I was still not happy, so I chose to screen her, but I still gave myself some leeway, before the screen I said: “Although I can’t find anything wrong, I just can’t bear to see you speaking in the position of a foreign company.I believe that The hearts of Chinese people are very homogeneous, so I am sure that no customer will buy starbucks in the future, and within a year, they will quit the Chinese market.If Starbucks exits the Chinese market after a year, I will block you forever.If Starbucks is still operating in China a year later, it means I made a mistake. I will apologize to you and add you back.”In my heart, I don’t want to lose this friend. I firmly believe that Chinese people have the same heart, so I may lose this friend forever after a year, but I don’t regret it, because in the face of national righteousness, I would rather give up friendship.As long as standing in the position of foreign companies, is not!You say I glass heart or say I narrow or indifferent, because I patriotic!I can not rub any sand in my eyes, national righteousness is always the first.

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