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As long as scientific research is going on, literature is essential.The problem is, not any research dog can afford to download literature for free anytime, anywhere.Perhaps your present unit is very good, all kinds of database used to fly, but a graduation to change a place may be a clever housewife can not make bricks without rice.Therefore, downloading literature for free is basically the constant pursuit of the vast majority of research dogs.Here are some common ways to download free literature, I hope to help you!First, SCI-Hub, the magical works of the fighting nation should not be introduced, early years can still be quite novel to say, wow, good cow!There are probably not many research dogs out there who don’t know about this site.Earlier this week, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, Alexandra Elbakyan said she would publish more than 2.33 million new articles on Sci-Hub.Meanwhile, it is announced that restrictions have been lifted and SCI-Hub is free again!You can re-upload the latest research papers!Research dogs everywhere are jubilant.To date, sci-Hub has nearly 88 million articles available for free download, covering more than 85.1 percent of published papers in subscription-based journals.Available website:https://sci-hub.sehttps://sci-hub.sthttps://sci-hub.sthttps://sci-hub.ee2, LibGenLibGen (Library Genesis) are also magical works of fighting peoples,It also went through hardships with SCI-Hub and was translated into Genesis Library in China, claiming to be a project to help all mankind to disseminate knowledge without copyright.This is a periodical literature and e-book download platform no less than SCI-Hub, and most of the literature provides sci-Hub download links, which can be complementary to SCI-Hub.Available website:, Z-LibraryZ-Library is a great knowledge sharing project, the goal is to build the world’s largest electronic library and the world’s largest scientific research literature library, so far (2021-10-10) has collected more than 84 million academic literature can be downloaded free,This scale and SCI-hub is also about the same.Its e-book section contains more than 8.74 million e-books.Web site:, OALibOpen Access Library (OALib) is a based on the metadata repository of open Access, can now be free Access to 5695949 piece of academic literature,It covers mathematics, physics, chemistry, humanities, engineering, biology, materials, medicine and humanities.Website: The above four websites have been tested by the majority of scientific research dogs for a long time and are free to download literature. Therefore, we integrate the search portals of these four websites in CNS academic navigation:, and directly enter the search information according to the prompts to search:Can be used through the mirror website: there is a free digital library, is the integration of network spread interface, can be very convenient access to each major official database, but please use quietly, in case of lost it is not good.It’s kind of an Easter egg hidden here., all kinds of “academic” site 1, although Google academic works, but not the general access. can be mirror sites to use: mirror sites:, Microsoft academic Microsoft besides Bing academic, quietly made a Microsoft academic, use their powerful retrieval ability, gathered the PDF documents circulating on the network, it is said that more than 4000 now can find the full article.Sometimes there are surprises when SCI-Hub search fails to use Microsoft Academic.Microsoft is expected to compete with Google Academic due to its strong technical capabilities., baidu academic can, in all baidu series products, this is the conscience., Bing Bing academic academic fetching literature in web pages, is essentially a web search engine, and the need to aggregate a download link available literature academic search engine, maybe that’s why Microsoft why do Microsoft academic, is not good enough., 360 academic here clutter, lackluster.These sites are also frequently used in literature searches and are therefore integrated into the search box of CNS Academic Navigation (, the need to register classes need to register but do not charge for the website is often more than a link of operation, not too convenient;It also doesn’t integrate into the search box.But there are some really good ones, and here are two of them.1. GeenMedical “Genge Academic” is the most influential medical literature retrieval platform in China at present. The website collects five modules including Pubmed retrieval, submitted journals, literature translation, medical headlines and famous teachers’ recommendation.It can be used for free after registration and login. Sci-hub and other links are provided for the full text of the literature.Website:, I – DataiData hownet is a mirror site, open the website, with hownet almost the same, the search results.Ordinary registered users, every day can download 2-5 random (system automatic calculation), after using up can only wait for the next day to download, of course, spend a little money can be unlimited download within a certain time.Website: 4. Special retrieval such as sentence retrieval and paper image retrieval.Sometimes it works wonders.LitSense, Vizio Metrics, CNKI Academic Image Library, OPEN-I five, official literature database official database often through IP identification to check whether you have access to the right, mainly depends on whether the unit bought the corresponding database, applicability is not wide, only listed, suitable for IP with access to the right of friends.English: WOS, Wiley, Elsevier, ScienceDirect, SpringLink, ACS, etc.Article reference material comprehensive freely as shown in the figure, CNS academic navigation, share only for academic exchange, if involved in infringement, please contact us, we will timely modify or delete.

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