On the scene of the auto show, the public can handle the business of car driving management, car settlement, registration one-stop fix

Wang Yue, a citizen, completed the registration of a new car at the auto show and received a newly selected license plate.Urumqi evening news (reporter Peng Fang perturbation) all media news (reporter Peng Fang) “3 · 15” auto show, urumqi public security bureau traffic police detachment vehicle management in xinjiang international exhibition center A1 door set “small mobile vehicle management”, and in the south of a designated vehicle inspection area, for the new car owners to provide efficient, one-stop new car registration service.At 13 o ‘clock on March 15, wang Yue selected a red car on the “3·15” auto show. She bought a car on the same day, settled down and got a license plate. She left the auto show with a new car with a good license plate.Wu City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment vehicle management office deputy section chief Wang Qiancheng, the “small mobile vehicle management office” entered the “3·15” auto show, to achieve the exhibition site for vehicles six years of exemption from inspection, licensing, face to face, illegal inquiries and other services.During the “March 15” auto show, the Capital Vehicle Administration Bureau continuously explored the channels to do practical things for the masses. It set up “one-stop” business processing post in the exhibition area to provide convenience for the masses to settle down and apply for a license on the same day after buying a car at the exhibition.Citizens “for our new car deal with settle formalities related to vehicle registration, inspection and so on, by the owner site operated by ‘traffic 12123 selected plate, the background will be confirm plate plate making commissioner first time online, and quick production, produced to show the scene, owners need to wait for a moment after completed vehicle registration procedures,You can get a license plate and drive home on the same day.”Wang Qiancheng said.It is understood that from the first day of the auto show surrounding traffic flow changes police forecast, daily 12 to 17 hours for the exhibition flow, traffic concentration period, the weekend will peak, suggested that the exhibition citizens, can choose the wrong peak to go.

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