Winter Olympics observation: Lighting the Olympic dream to transfer the spirit of fire

The launching ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay was held in the Olympic Forest Park on The morning of February 2.The picture shows Jing Haipeng and Ye Peijian carrying out the torch handover.The flame from the ancient Greek temple of Hera lit the torch at the Olympic Forest Park on The central axis of Beijing on February 2, marking the start of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay and ushering in a new chapter of the Olympic Movement in the “double Olympic City”.About 1,200 torchbearers will carry the Olympic flame, which symbolizes light, unity, peace and friendship, across China from Sunday to Thursday. It is not only a relay of the Olympic spirit, but also a touching display of humanistic feelings.At 9:00 am, luo Zhihuan, the first torchbearer and an older generation of ice and snow athlete, held the “flying” torch and marched forward with firm eyes and steady steps.”My winter Olympics dream has come true.”The octogenarian gave the torch a kiss at the end of the relay.In 1963, In the 57th World Men’s Speed Skating Championships, Luo Zhihuan, who lacked professional training and kept competitive by skating and cycling, won the gold medal of men’s 1500 meters with a world record, becoming China’s first world speed skating champion and helping to make a breakthrough in ice and snow sports in Asia.China’s Ning Zhongyan clocked 1 minute 44.918 seconds to win the men’s 1,500m gold medal at the third leg of the 2019 Speed Skating World Cup.”What an achievement!Luo is particularly pleased to see the growth of a new generation of Chinese forces.On the evening of the same day, at the torch relay site of the “New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Area” (shougang Park for short), the 57th torchbearer, zhang Yufei, a famous swimmer, showed her trademark sweet smile.At the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, The young swimmer won two gold MEDALS and two silver MEDALS, creating the history of Chinese national swimming team winning MEDALS at a single Olympic Games.Behind her dazzling achievements, she cannot leave the indomitable hard work and day after day training.With her iron will, Zhang Yufei overcame the influence of congenital scoliosis and became a swimming miracle.From the summer games to the Winter Games, generations of Chinese athletes have walked with the Olympics, passed on the torch, fought hard and made great achievements. They have written colorful chapters for the Olympic spirit and aroused the enthusiasm of the Chinese people for the Olympic Movement.As a senior, Luo Zhihuan to the Chinese winter Olympic athletes such expectations: hard work, hard work.The Olympic flame carried by the torchbearers not only ignites the Olympic passion, but also brings people the spirit of confidence, warmth and hope across time and space.Ye Peijian, 77, a technical consultant at the China Academy of Space Technology and academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said after taking over the torch from astronaut Jing Haipeng, “One baton after another is not only the Olympic relay, but also the space spirit to be passed on from generation to generation.”Ye peijian said that the Olympic Games have passed on the spirit of human courage to struggle from generation to generation, which is in line with the spirit of China’s space program.”If we want to develop China’s space industry well, from a space power to a space power, we have to keep moving forward like a torchbearer.”From Ziyuan 2 to Chang ‘e project, from chang ‘e to Mars, ye peijian has been engaged in space technology research since 1968. He has personally participated in the development and research of China’s satellite development, remote sensing observation, moon and deep space exploration, making great contributions to China’s aerospace industry.On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping personally awarded him the medal of “People’s Scientist”.”To be a torchbearer for the Winter Olympics is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.”Ye peijian said that his selection on behalf of the astronauts shows that China’s space industry has been recognized by the Chinese people.This bar, to run out of hardships, the spirit of higher and farther.”We have gone from the moon to Mars, and we will go to Jupiter in the future, and go to further places. This is the pursuit and yearning of our spaceflight people, and also the spirit of torchbearers.Fire is light and strength, unity and friendship.In 2021, the Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger” joined “more solidarity” is a word, as COVID – held as scheduled for the first time in 19 cases of integrated global sporting event, the Beijing Olympics let “more unity” of the Olympic spirit shine, behind the “into the future together” carrying “build human destiny community” hope for the better.Zhang Boli, honorary president of Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who is also the torchbearer, said that the anti-EPIDEMIC spirit and the Olympic spirit have something in common, and both are inseparable from vitality, responsibility and dedication.”The Olympic spirit inspires us to improve our health and strive for a better and better quality of life, as does the anti-epidemic spirit. We put people first and save more lives so that people can have a better life. This is the same thing.””The success of the Beijing Winter Olympics will bring hope for mankind to unite and defeat the epidemic,” zhang said.The torch bearers for the Beijing Winter Olympics are composed of about 1,200 “extraordinary ordinary people”.They come from all walks of life, and most of them have made outstanding achievements or contributions in their own systems and fields.They are ordinary because most of them are rooted in production and work.They are extraordinary, because in the tide of The Times, they use sweat and wisdom will be miracle in the struggle and dedication.At the torch relay site in Shougang, Zhang Li, dean of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, held the torch and marched with a clanging stride. Nearby, he helped design the world’s first permanent snowboard platform, “Xuefei tian”.As the chief designer of zhangjiakou Competition Area and Shougang Ski big jump, Zhang Li witnessed the birth of “Snow Ruyi” and “Snow Flying Sky” competition venues.After the torch handover, Zhang li could not hide his excitement. “Behind the torch relay is the transmission of a shared and open concept.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games could not have been held as scheduled without the concerted efforts of all of you.In the course of thousands of years, human society has largely relied on this spirit of mutual trust and mutual assistance.”As Zhang Li said, the Beijing Winter Olympics is a grand gathering for all to participate and share.Torchbearers from all walks of life work together to ignite the passion of the Olympic Games, but also pass on to more people the spirit of craftsmanship and the optimistic attitude of creating a better life.”The moment the torch was lit, my fighting spirit was also lit, and I strengthened my determination and confidence to make achievements based on my post.”In Shougang Industrial park, Han Liping, who has been a CNC milling worker in the aerospace production line for 30 years, is full of power.”I feel honored when I see that more than half of the torchbearers selected are from the grassroots.This honor not only belongs to me, but also to the workers working on the front line of space production.”Han liping said that the spirit of surpassing limits and challenging oneself conveyed by the torch is highly compatible with the spirit of craftsmen.In the space production, which requires high product quality, Han Liping has been challenging herself for 30 years and constantly updating the height in the quality and efficiency of space product production.In the list of torchbearers, there are many such outstanding representatives.Qi Fabao, who had spent more than 20 years on the snowy plateau guarding the border, led the patrol and duty teams for more than 1,000 times, participated in border control operations for more than 80 times, and led the duty teams to successfully complete urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks for 23 times.Tong Zhaohui, vice president of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital of Capital Medical University and director of Beijing Institute of Respiratory Diseases, has been fighting the virus for 226 days and has travelled 15,000 kilometers round trip.Behind each name, there is an extraordinary story. They are excellent representatives of millions of Chinese people who are striving to improve themselves.

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