Add provincial honors!Yuhang two vocational education achievements won the Teaching achievement award of Zhejiang Province!

Recently, Yuhang education made great achievements, two achievements won the teaching Achievement Award of Zhejiang Province in 2021!The successful award of this vocational education means that on the way of promoting the high-quality development of education, all schools in Yuhang blossom and make all-out efforts!In order to cultivate the urgently needed talents of “knowing tradition”, “inheriting” and “good at spreading”, Liangzhu Vocational Senior High School integrates liangzhu cultural elements into skill teaching and creates the golden name card of “Liangzhu Cultural Banquet”.As the Cooking director school of Zhejiang Province, the school’s cooking specialty is the dominant specialty of Zhejiang Province, has won the “Zhejiang Province cooking education contribution Award” and other honors.The major has diversified training channels, including Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine and Chinese and Western pastry. In recent years, it has provided more than 2000 professional talents for the society.Behind the skills, professional teachers are the “backing” that cannot be ignored.The school has established a Hangzhou “famous teaching” team, including 3 Chinese cooking masters, 1 Zhejiang technical expert, 3 Zhejiang Chinese cooking senior evaluation, and 3 Zhejiang Excellent cooking instructor.The school has provincial and municipal two master skills studio.Xianlin Vocational Senior Middle School is known as the “cradle of kindergarten teachers”. Many kindergarten principals in Yuhang District graduated from the school’s preschool education (preschool care) major.This major has been established for nearly 40 years, and is a high-level professional in zhejiang Province. It has transported more than 4000 high-quality graduates for the society.In order to create high-quality specialty, the school has put forward the talent training program of “general education”.Compared with traditional education curriculum, the curriculum reform under the concept of “general”, emphasize the inter-disciplinary talent required high professional quality, strong modern education concept, innovative, strive to cultivate a rich theoretical knowledge and mature education practice ability, but also can improve their professional literacy in the practical education conservation integrated comprehensive type teachers.With the “general education” enabling the growth of preschool teachers, Xianlin Vocational High School has achieved remarkable achievements in the development of preschool education. Teachers and students have achieved many honors and fruitful achievements: 6 people have won the gold medal in the National Teacher teaching competition;The student competition has won 67 prizes, including 4 national prizes and 6 provincial prizes. The number of patents has exceeded 500, ranking top in the province.● Yuhang will open 15 schools this year!Is there one near your home?Let’s see!From March 1 onwards, the five areas of Yuhang will be banned from fishing.Violation of the maximum penalty of 50,000!Low information | good weather online waiting for you to | the | dream garden party dongming mountain forest park, scenic spot it close on March 1, source/district bureau of education editor/pay catalpa

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